Monday, 8 August 2016

The penny drops.

So, the Rotherham scandal was never sorted out then!:

Express: ROTHERHAM ABUSE SCANDAL: Horrific reality of 'industrial scale' child grooming revealed

I do not believe the narrative that a race war is trying to be started, that this is a ploy to start a race war... Muslim rape gangs have been around since the 90's... Whatever the 'elite' are doing here the plan was not put into place in the last two months as a response to desperate economic situations.

I did wonder whether it was a problem that could be used as a 'crackdown'. The violence increases and police step down on it... But then why waste the resources having to police Muslims? Why not just crack down with police power on the population?

I think, the elite, the Illuminati's ongoing agenda is to keep the populace weak in a lot of different ways... The other day I was in Starbucks and when going in I heard a probably quite irrelevant protest by some very young and not tough sounding people. It is Brighton, land of the greens, the neo liberal middle class protesters... They sounded so young.

But, the sheer amount of people in the streets, if these people rise up, it would be absolutely terrifying and they would be unstoppable. Like George Orwell wrote, if the people are given enough time to contemplate and educate themselves, they will quickly realise they do not need the upper class and will wipe them away with the wave of a hand.

As luck would have it, today Benjamin Fulford summarised a previous potential plan of the Bushes, that precisely mirrors the global situation as summarised in Orwells 1984:
It was further explained to the official that, according to British Intelligence, when George Bush Sr. went fishing with Vladimir Putin in 2007 he invited Putin to join a plot to destroy China. The scenario Bush painted was for the US and Russia to start a new cold war. This would give Russia, the US, Europe and Japan an excuse to re-arm. During this cold war, Russia would pretend to be China’s friend. However, in the end NATO, Russia, Japan and Korea would all attack China and divide it into six countries so that China would never rise to be a threat to Western power.
My emphasis!

This is so completely the plan George Orwell put forward that it makes me wonder at the incredible coincidence of having just read 1984. (Also, what did George Orwell know?) In 1984 there are three warring powers. Oceania (Russia) Eurasia (Europe) and Eastasia (China)... They all war against each other, including sometimes PRETENDING TO BE EACH OTHERS FRIENDS!  But even though they hold the illusion of victory, victory never comes; because they are equally matched and not serious about risking enough to win the war.

The money taken to go towards the war effort means that the people stay enslaved. Because people will accept lowering of living standards in a war effort, and the extra produce that comes from keeping mass slaves while still making an effort to keep living standards low requires a great deal of destructiveness. Extra things produced that are then destroyed.

A group of raping Islamists is a good way of creating hatred between differing races... And the establishment has tried unsuccessfully to go to war with Iran in 2006 and 2011. Conquest of the Middle East has obviously been part of the agenda for a long time. So this does at least make sense.

Once you have started such a stupid plan... Let's get them to hate the Middle Easterners so we can invade the Middle East, such a ridiculously disgusting criminal behaviour takes on its own life. They have hidden these crimes for twenty or so years... The conquest of the Islamic world is not now working... It is not so easy to undo this pattern without awakening the brainwashed population that did go along with ideas of 'multiculturalism' and who's views cannot take too much contradictory information.

This seems to me likely... A pattern I have kept observing, even though it goes against the facts of apparent strength of this negative group (which can be solved by the fact there are people opposing them on higher levels), a pattern I have observed is how completely broken and unplanned everything seems to be at the moment for them... The vote rigging is obvious, the campaigns are useless, the financial trickery is pathetic.

Unlike the beautiful horror of 9/11, the negative plans of the cabal of late seems more like they are stitched together with sticky tape, or the whole plan together looks rather like a derailing train.

Yuan devaluation:

This could be the next big thing, although the next big thing could come sooner. The next really big thing... China is going to become part of the worlds reserve currency at the beginning of October... Even though these plans of big change rarely seem to happen, this one is a proper mainstream occurence. As to any larger plan to do with backing the Yuan with gold and collapsing the dollar, well that is more conspiracy territory...

Benjamin Fulford hinted at that but his update that is not given in full to unpaid members cut the paragraph short:
The WDS and the Chinese also discussed the future of the US dollar and the global financial system. The Chinese delegate said China’s plan was to replace the US dollar with

When I believed Rotherham was actually having arrests for sex trafficking it was an anomoly to how I feel and know things are going to be... That all the backlash karma, with everyone, whether in positions of power or domestic, will happen at a similar time because it is an energetic thing (Saturn), and in societal terms all these things are connected.

The fact Rotherham HASN'T been solved yet makes this seem moreso true.

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