Friday, 19 August 2016

Surprise and Italy Referendum!!!!!

Express: End of the EU? Italian referendum triggers SHOCK ALARMS across the USA and Europe

Italy is having a referendum on the Euro and some EU rules

I am SO HAPPY about this...


In a way I am more happy than I was at our EU referendum, because after the Brexit victory, things in this area just seem altogether more optimistic!

It's humorous the way the 'remainiacs' will not be able to handle this... They cannot express their anger towards those in the UK at this result either. They will be quite impotent in the face of continued evidence their viewpoints are ludicrous.


I am observing 'karma' happening... Or more precisely, nothing exactly karmic but what karma really is which is an impersonal set of laws which are mostly explained by cause and effect. (I would like to link to it but think it was a while back... Need to label further back.)

I said previously that if someone blocks karma going to someone else then the karma falls upon them... This I have now seen evidence of and it was a strongly felt intuitive sensation at the time which makes me feel good that it has come true.

In these instances, the overlying situation is always kept sight of so it is possible that strong action can be taken to fix these situations... however... in current society things rarely are actually sorted out so they just take on an unconscious 'train derailing' sort of effect. Rather like the processes that have lead to negative interest rates.

As Saturn has gone direct and close to this new moon cycle opportunity has come up for cause and effect to be faithfully shown; however, it is likely this will not be followed up for the same reason people often do not follow things up... They can't be bothered.

This will be until a free market/ arrest of Illuminati etc. comes along and really sorts things out. I will call this moment... The coming of Saturn.


Still SO happy about an Italian referendum though.... GO ITALY!


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