Thursday, 18 August 2016

Full moon frustration, stagnant news.

There are some good things happening in the news, notably this George Soros leak, as long as it is a real leak, some residual news on Brexit.

In my daily life there are two conflicting realities. This is a background thing:

Reality 1: Everything is OK and the government is looking after us all. The stock market is doing well. We are growing our way out of unfortunate times. Women are uncomplicated loving creatures and there are no metaphysical principles that doubt the reality that any two people can get together. All criticisms of society are due to an angry racist underclass that is the minority. All is well. If there are any psychic realities you better not concern yourself with them.

Reality 2: The economy is not working properly. The stock market is being rigged and does not show reality... In fact, rather than trusting in government it might be advisable if you prepare for an economic collapse. There are real problems in society that the mainstream media is making worse. Many people are brainwashed. There is an objective spiritual truth that effects the real world and maybe even karma

While the stock market is reaching all new high, after all new high... Being rigged but doing very very well. Reality 1 reigns... Whenever there is any sort of crack in that, a stock market crash, Brexit, anything that the world cannot pretend does not exist in that area, reality 2 shows its face.

So, on reality 2:

Zerohedge: And The Market Breaks (Again)

Zerohedge: Wal-Mart Jumps After Beating, Guiding Higher Despite Drop In US Profits; Buybacks Soar

Zerohedge: Banks Ponder Vault Cash In Response To Negative Rates: Lending Reality In A Nutshell

Zerohedge: Carl Icahn Turns Apocalyptic: "I Am More Hedged Than Ever, A Day Of Reckoning Is Coming"

Zerohedge: Caterpillar Retail Orders Suffer Second Biggest Plunge Since Financial Crisis

Let's unpack these.

The first article shows the typical rigging that is happening everyday to prevent the stocks from plunging.

Carl Icahn talks about a crash happening. He does not know when and it might be 'next year' but he says the US cannot rely on reserve currency status... interesting. Especially with what's coming in October.

Banks are finding ways around negative interest rates... This is the peril of government intervention. If there is no motivation to spend the economy isn't going to be 'stimulated'. Same old story with the government.

The other two, which also include Cisco firing 500,000 people explains that regardless of what the mainstream is saying, the actual economy is doing dreadfully.

Oil is also being rigged, and panic brought.

Of course, with the Chinese supporting Deutsche bank and possibly supporting Hillary Clinton, we are also hoping that in any crash the Chinese experience a crash as well. My previous talking of 'lightning strikes' was talking about that... Even though there was no obvious result of the Dubai lightning strike. Holding the capacity to behave positively polarised (a gold backed currency) and not doing it, surely must have a karmic backlash.

For the moment, we are over the full moon so the news for the next week will only be the results of what has already happen most likely. In accordance with my so far observation of the moon cycles.

I'm going to drop this video here of Stefan Molyneux's take down of George Soros, but more specifically, the model of using governmental power for society change:

Many people in the alternative community are suddenly making a lot of noise about a sudden economic crash... Is it time to get back to the prepping? Will this happen or not? When will something happen?

We will just have to wait and see!

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