Friday, 26 August 2016

Mainstream media passing the torch... All eyes on Yellen.

I believe it was Gandhi that said all truth goes through three stages. First it is ignored, then it is violently opposed and finally, it is accepted as self evident.

Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson have moved from the former, to the latter in this example. Them and the rest of the Libertarian/ Anarcho Capitalist community have been directly mentioned and challenged by Hillary Clinton and the mainstream media. Anyone that believed the mainstream are intelligent schemers would assume they were deliberately passing the torch to this community, but, if anything, this proves that the mainstream establishment controllers don't have a clue what they're doing and/ or are simply too trapped to be able to act in their own interest.

The other, more interesting, thing happening is described in this four minute Gregory Mannarino video:

The market is essentially flat at the moment, it is doing nothing and has not been doing anything for a long time.

It now ignores all fundamentals, the market does not take much, if any, information from these indicators it seems, and those that it does are counter intuitive... Rallying on bad jobs data as an example.

So what it does follow, as a direct consequence of the banking sector and government aggressively rigging the market so that anyone who bets against it suffers. Also as a result of high frequency traders who have to make money daily rather than longer term investors who are generally less attached to single day volatility. As a result of these factors markets hinge on what the Federal Reserve says.

Janet Yellen, Chairman (woman?) of the Federal Reserve is soon to make a statement of some sort. 3PM BST so in one hour and fifteen minutes. Possibly, there will be a market move up or down at this statement.

So no pressure Janet!

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