Monday, 15 August 2016

'Peak falsity'...?

Firstly, Jonathan Arnott quit the UKIP leadership... With Jonathan Woolf gone and now him it's all looking a bit sparse to me!

The stocks are at all time high's... Well, mostly... The Dow/ S&P are, and the is 158 points off an all time high, (+2.27%). At the FTSE's current crawl of about +30 points a day that is still a bit of a way off... But it is still close.

I tend to think that the markets are a holistic representation of something in society... The fact that these indexes are at all time highs shows that the establishment view of things as it impacts everyday citizens is very strong... The 'false' idea of the world as we know it... The Darwinist/ religious paradigm with all its trappings, including it's strange political ideas that most of our leaders only want the best for us, is at its peak at the moment. When stocks plunge this will be dramatically removed and more of the truth will become known... But at the moment this is where we are, trapped in this synthetic view of life as a construct where spiritual energy does not matter.

Gregory Mannarino has been talking about that even though the three big indexes are at a record high as has not been seen since 1999. Three months after these highs in 1999 the dot com bubble burst.


Saturn has been doing its work already and it will likely not be long before political movement does come up on the horizon though. Nigel Farage threatened to come back and pressure the establishment into Brexit, a man with about 4 million supporters in England (ever tweet he makes seems to be in the thousands of likes and RT's). Theresa May and the government are starting to have to talk about Brexit.

Tomorrow we have Uranus - Sun and two days later the full moon. It is not that loads is happening at the moment but whatever is happening will peak over the next three days.

.... Things must be happening though... Italy's referendum, Turkey is making noises about it's relationship with the EU and the Trump stuff is continuing as ever... Disgusting huh? What's happening in Milwaukee. Second day of rioting even after a state of emergency declared... How many innocents will die as the result of the media's stoking of hatespeech from black supremacy movement Black Lives matter?

We have not heard anything about Da'esh recently but it can't be going well for them with Turkey having pivoted to Russia...

Islamising agenda:

I talked before about what the agenda could be with the mass importing of Muslim migrants. I have decided that Benjamin Fulfords and others view of trying to start a race war, may be correct in the current climate, but for the big picture agenda is off beam.

I have been reading about the rise of Hitler and it seems that he managed to take over Austria and part of Czechoslovakia because there were German citizens living there. (As a side not this was to the great fanfare of the previously incarnate 'remain' cowards who cheered Neville Chamberlin on in giving Czech up!)

Here is Alex Jones's idea on it:

His perspective makes sense, if you allow these migrants and Sharia law to take over then you effectively have the fascism these negative powers dream about... Here is another interesting video:

Lauren makes a good point here in that if these people are going to Germany and flying Turkish flags everywhere... Then why did they go to Germany? Why not stay in Turkey? The only reason they could have gone is as an invasion force.

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