Wednesday, 17 August 2016

UKIP leadership candidates.

This will not be an in depth study just a basic perusal of their twitter!

I have previously covered UKIP's leadership election... Although I am starting to wonder... Was the reason UKIP's NEC changed the rules to apparently oust Suzanne Evans actually an attempt to oust both Aaron Banks and Raheem Kassam?

There are four candidates... Three of the 'fairer sex' and one guy, in alphabetical order by second name:

Lisa Duffy.
Bill Etheridge
Diane James
Elizabeth Jones.

This is after both Steven Woolfe and Jonathan Arnott left or were disqualified from the race, leaving the gender ration thusly.

Unlike a lot of political party's that seem to come to understand their candidates more slowly. UKIP supporters had made up their mind on Steven Woolfe before any of the other candidates were even known and before the barest amount of policy or perspectives were even discussed. Unlike the other political parties, UKIP supporters mobilise extremely fast. They are like metaphorically like an army more than like public it seems to me.

I am a little worried about UKIP having a female leader. Andrea Leadsom seemed promising but then ran away like a child running to mummy in a playground, when she got a bit of negative press via the media and she did the thing you must never do... She APOLOGISED TO THOSE SJW WANKERS!!!

Thatcher and Marine Le Pen are doing well. They seem to be able to fight the SJW's and not implode... I wonder if because women are biologically designed to be less aggressive and tough whether they can handle being called racist, and a horrible person, all the time. These two examples seem to suggest that they can.

We can throw Lisa Duffy out right away because she has not updated her twitter... She does not seem to be serious about being a leadership candidate.

Bill Etheridge says some of the right things. However, he seems to be taking on a lot of fights that are not central to our battle to get out of the EU... Two of these are Burqas and the BBC.

Burqas are part of a bigger question in our society about how much we wish to yield to Muslim immigration... The BBC I think UKIP will struggle to get backing on, because despite my own desiring to get rid of the BBC, I have found certain elderly UKIP supporters actually like the BBC, even though it is propagandist... It has nature programs and old movies. It is also worth noting that after the EU falls the game is up. The BBC will be washed away with the tide and things will change through democratic means. Whereas, if you take on the BBC before the EU then you risk fighting a stronger opponent.

Both of these fights, especially the Burqas, will create a massive potential backlash while the head of the snake, the EU, potentially will remain unaffected.

The reason UKIP supporters have now rallied around Diane James is because she talks about the EU and article 50. This is what UKIP supporters really care about. I need to see more written material on her and perhaps interviews because I would like to be sure that she would be strong enough to take UKIP forward. She is in the same age range as Andrea Leadsom.

This leaves Elizabeth Jones... This woman has the pleasing, semi eccentric style reminiscent of Raheem Kassam. She focuses on immigration far more than the EU thus far and has not been an MEP so will not have the experience of Diane James.To me though she seems promising because she is clearly an individual which is the energy needed to be strong in these matters and know what you think.

But like I say, without more information I do not know at this point whom I think is best. I need to read policies of each candidate.

... and, I can't vote (and won't be becoming a member while it takes six months to vote) so my opinion is not that relevant anyway... It is only relevant perhaps in my very small function of adding to the discussion.

UKIP's leadership election:

Not much is going on here EXCEPT an approaching new moon (should be exciting!) and moon conjunct Neptune... This means that the social justice stuff may be here at the time or... linked, and maybe hidden. The extra terrestrial stuff. This means the event is likely to work out in a smooth and perhaps unexpected fashion for not altogether obvious reasons.

Sun - Mars - Uranus Grand Trine-- Exciting stuff. Revolutionary feel will be VERY strong on this day.

Labour leadership:

Wow, isn't this sparky! It is on the downward cycle, so perhaps the events of the new to full moon will still be having the largest impact.

It will be kind of boring and expected but look at that Moon - Pluto opposition. The rebellion against the establishment in the protection of feelings of 'home' and emotional safety.

Saturn still approaching my native Saturn!

Sun and Jupiter... Big personalities. Compromise and fairness possibly a big factor!

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