Monday, 1 August 2016

Nervous post... Guessing at the future.

I have to admit I am nervous at this post.

Benjamin Fulford seemed to back me up today though:
The European moves are taking place in preparation for a collapse of the banking system there that could break into the open as early as this month.
This battle has only begun and will intensify towards November with the very real possibility of open civil war breaking out in the United States, multiple sources agree.
This is how I think things could turn out in the near future:

Phase 1a: A SERIOUS banking crisis where the mainstream media struggles to contain the intensity of what is happening. Some coming out with the truth while others lies and shutting down... Contradictory information, some people losing their banking deposits... General confusion... A lot of people still asleep to this all, but alternative media consumers have the absolute low down of what is happening.

Phase 1b: After a few days this grows serious and events the alternative media consumers have been warned about by about a few days, possibly leading to a run on the banks and a certain rush at supermarkets, will become real... And whatever particular discomfort it is, high oil prices, a collapsed currency... Will spiral and things will go semi- dark... People will be confused and a lot of work places will just not open.

Phase 2: With important functions down including perhaps water, electricity, perhaps supermarkets... Certain locations around the country will start to have open wars on the streets... This could go so far as to include extra terrestrial technology and/ or beings (term used loosely, because many are not strictly extra terrestrial but have identified themselves as such, and many look human).

This possibility is why there are reports of the US army doing some major prepping... The army may come out at this time  to provide food.

Phase 3: The world will slowly put itself back together as the new media reveals what has happened and the arrest of certain people and advanced technology becomes commonplace.

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