Wednesday, 31 August 2016

End of the moon cycle.

New moon is tomorrow:

Sun, Neptune and Saturn are all in strong aspect. We can expect a bit of conflict this cycle and also a mysterious tendency for things to just infuriatingly feel like they cannot be understood. There is a connection with social justice warriors or Extra Terrestrial information.

Also, an ongoing focus on the future of us as a whole.

The deep and dark mysterious Plutonian depths are lightly aspected.

The way the Saturn aspect expressed itself last time was news on Hillary Clintons health... This makes sense in a way I have just noticed. She IS the tyrannical Saturnian power keeping truth back from society.

In general though, things feel stuck. But to me something is obvious. Even though the negative is stuck and not doing anything, the positive is busy planning for the next big thing.

My last astrology predictions had the closing cycle, the 25th abouts, as being wobble time for the markets. It did go down a little around that time but hardly at all, certainly not a big drop!

I am going to a trading seminar today. A free event so it is very likely to be a ponzi scheme of some sort, or have another agenda. However, I am still excited... It will likely still be informative even if there is a little attempt at manipulation.

(Later admission, did not go to this seminar. Had not prepared properly.)

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