Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Lightning strikes prophecy.

I've talked about this are before, and when I have done it has lead to a lot of strange meanderings... But keeping it to the specific strikes and their effects (obviously lifted from my own previous blogs):

Divine Cosmos: Lightning Strikes Vatican: A Geo Synchronicity?

Summary: On the resignation of the old pope and the arrival of the new one lightning strikes the tower of the Vatican, David Wilcock says this is a synchronicity meaning that positive forces are backing this as a time of societal change... The new pope apparently started a bit of a reshuffle away from Satanism among the Vatican.

The Weather Network: Lightning hits NYC's One World Trade Center on Earth Day

Lightning hits the top of the New York Trade Centre on April 22nd 2015. 27 days later on May 19th. The Dow tops out and a run down continues for the entire year (the DOW has though now topped that level):

Zerohedge: 87 Dead Following Crane Collapse In Saudi Arabia's Grand Mosque Following Storm, Lightning Strike:

On 9/11, the Bin Laden construction company in Saudi Arabia's grand mosque has a lightning strike and 87 die... This speaks to both American influence (9/11 and Al Qaeda) and radical Islam... (Saudi Arabia and Mosque)

19 days later on the 30th September... Russia joined Syria in fighting against Islamic State:

BBC Russia joins war in Syria: Five key points


Daily Mail: Stars are evacuated from the I'm a Celebrity jungle as severe storms with lightning and torrential rain hit the Australian bush cutting power to the show:

On 29th November 2015 participants in the above reality show were forced to relocate and stop filming because of aggressive thunderstorms.

This is where it got a bit more difficult because the cause and effect here is less direct. I said it would be people who were somewhat unthinking and followed celebrity culture mindset who would get some sort of push back here. It is this group who are likely to mindlessly go along with trends like 'refugees welcome'.

33 days later on 1st Jan 2016, a group of migrants from Middle Eastern territories began a mass sexual assault and rape ritual of innocent women. The liberal left tried all sorts of things to get refuse this information.


Daily Express: Photographer climbs SKYSCRAPER to capture moment lightning strikes Burj Khalifa

I theorised that this was the Chinese getting metaphysical pressure to do something about a gold backed currency based on this: Zerohedge: On The Trail Of Dubai's Stolen Gold: A Robbed Client Breaks The Silence, And A Fascinating Detail Emerges...

However, this one seems like a bit of a dud... there is no date given although the date of the article is February 24th. Or perhaps they did get some pressure but they have hidden it, either way we can't really know.


Next one was Brexit... On the night that the votes were getting counted, or it could have been the one before... This situation showed on the weather... Lightning:

The clouds are separating the UK from Europe... This is exactly what happened.

Just highlighting a potential pattern here. All of these bar two... the One David Wilcock talked about (not my message) and the one in Dubai that didn't come to anything obvious... All the others came on 30 day months... One world Trade Centre... April... Saudi Mosque ... September.... Australia Celebrity... November and Brexit... June... All 30 day months.

It is currently not a 30 day month so this has to be taken with a pinch of salt... But there seems to have been another one to have caught my eye:

Daily Mail: Look at that lightning – BANG! Amateur weather presenter livestreams a dramatic storm… and has the fright of his life when a bolt strikes right next to him

So an amateur weather reporter had a strike right near him?

I have no clue what that could mean... Social media? Mainstream reporting?

I already have my predictions via astrology anyway... We'll just have to see!

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