Friday, 12 August 2016

Saturn tomorrow.

Saturn goes direct tomorrow... It may mean nothing...

In this current environment of complete political stalemate it doesn't feel like anything is about to politically change massively.

However, it is surprising the little bits of positive news coming out of the current government... Firstly, a report on vote rigging, highlighting problems in Muslim areas has been released... The government didn't block that? Also, news of Theresa May and Russia, and today, Boris Johnson and Russia.

So what Saturn means if it is properly directed is the discipline to do what is needed, focusing on the area of justice, even if its difficult... What it means if it is not is usually the penalising out of weakness, with the focus being on those that oppose the bad guys whom are not disciplined by the correct application of law or rules.

I noticed though that Paul Joseph Watsons video on Hillary's health, that gained a lot of traction, was done with Sun trine Saturn and the trine would have been more exact the three days before... So roughly perhaps when Paul got the idea and started talking about it with experts for that video.

The moon is on Saturn today so the focus should be on whatever is about to be materially effected here. Both Labour and UKIP are having discussions on the 'rules' and 'laws' around leadership elections... Perhaps part of it.

In my personal life I've seen that there are situations that have been in play for a long time... It is no doubt so with this Saturn retrograde... The situation has been acknowledged and everyone sees the problem with it for a long while... With Saturn going direct possibly, but not definitely, these same situations will start to be sorted out.

Of course, it is possible the markets could absolutely plunge... But with the Chinese there taking all the liabilities (they can now be passed to Deutsche bank) I don't see how that is going to happen.

But it's a distinct possibility all the same. Saturns effects on markets should be interesting. I suspect more volatility when Saturn goes direct. The rebellion against Saturn (karma/ free market) causing this.

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