Tuesday, 2 August 2016

China's SDR and phases.

My last blog attempted to understand coming political changes and separated these into phases.

One thing I had forgotten though was that a big part of this change is the fact China wants to transition the world back into a gold backed currency... This way... All the power of the Western governments will basically collapse because their power is based on countries holding dollar reserves so the dollar doesn't lose value and then being able to print them at whim.

China has a lot of gold and is pushing it's currency to become a potential reserve currency, which may happen around 1st October:

Zerohedge: China Moves Forward With SDR Issuance In August

So this is part of phase 3, but if it became active before phase 1 we could potentially miss out some of the economic collapse problems of phase 1 and 2.

Also, if as Benjamin Fulford says the governments are turning away from Rothschild/ Cabal influence, there might be positive efforts to effect social change:

Daily Express: France takes on radical Islamism: PM to SHUT DOWN mosques to wipe out 'poison' of jihadis

Exciting stuff!

Another development is this Byron Burgers thing. It is excellent that it has happened and illegals are getting deported. Despite attracting the anger of the left and having cockroaches released into their restaurant, and having to shut down... It is likely Byron will be frequented by people who support this endeavor or don't care and may increase in business:

What seems especially unreasonable of the left... If that can even be considered a term, they're always unreasonable, is that Byron had to co- operate with the Home Office or pick up a £700,000 fine... The fact the left are making moralistic judgements against behaviour that was forced upon this business by government power, is, as is usual for most leftist behaviour... Disgusting.

All these commentators and groups saying 'no human is illegal' should be made to answer the question (they steadfastly ignore) of 'do you support cockroaches being released in Byron burgers?'

A food establishment that must exterminate them... surely this is animal cruelty.

General events:

Following politics recently it seems UKIP are really getting serious about this leadership election and that it is getting complex... There could be real change here if the NEC is made redundant... It makes sense as to why Nigel may have resigned as well.

There is one real element here that makes is sure change is happening... The unyeilding impetus towards the 'good' and true.

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