Tuesday, 9 August 2016

UKIP's future.

On this page, I summarised, in the comments (last I checked it was the first one), what I thought was important about UKIP's future, my comment starts like this:
This is what I think happened with the NEC
Step 1: Leadership elections called and long held factions with differing and intense emotions suddenly raised to the surface.
Step 2: An incredible attempt to stump out Carswell/ Evans, which a lot of the members strongly agreed with... Leading to the NEC stating that you had to be a member for x long to run for leadership.
Whenever democracy is denied things get a bit more extreme. Bill Etheridge and Lisa Duffy are talking about banning the Hijab. I believe we will have to take the fight to the Muslims eventually, I do believe that. Sharia courts, FGM, Mosques, Rotherham and the rest, it's going to get difficult but I do not believe UKIP can take that stance yet. We need to wrest control away from the corporates via stopping cheap labour (immigration) and the rigged market that is keeping...
This puts me in a different position than I was in before.

Mostly it seems when I am on this blog I am commenting on situations without really having an effect on them. If the party machinery had worked properly and Steven Woolf was on his way to being elected, I would not have directly supported him, but the members, a kind of revolution, would have taken the whole thing out of my hands... That is what is really needed for any real change perhaps... People power.

But it seems to me what I am supporting now is to make that process happen. To give power to the working classes and UKIP membership... Johathan Arnott I believe can do that. He talks in detail about reforming the NEC and setting down the rules so democracy within UKIP can happen. He is married but has no kids (i.e. he can really fight for UKIP, remember an element of Farage's leaving may have had something to do with family). A mathematician, and has worked in the NEC. He understands economy and has worked in the NEC for six years...


Although, I do need to check the other candidates in detail. I have not heard much from Diane James yet but I think I have my preferred candidate (there are two other candidates as well that I have not looked at at all.

I will be sad if UKIP does go in a direction that I feel is unhelpful enough that they are no longer useful.

Vigilante justice:

I remember now I have seen this discussed on Steemit. So far, the new social network only has a few anarchists on it.

I have seen a few examples of the population getting increasingly violent... One is leftist activists in Germany being so violent with police that the police have had to take time off work for injury's. Another is the recent killing of a Russian paedophile by vigilante justice, a large crowd of both men and women watched this guy beaten up and he was killed the next day. A women in China beat up her husbands alleged mistress and it ignited conversations on this area. Protests in France... Is the English Train Union strikes an example of this?

This is just something to comment on, I don't know how it fits in yet.

Also, I have not got time to read this all the way through but I just read the news on continuing mass rape in Germany... Awful!

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