Saturday, 27 August 2016

A little good news.

The little bit of good news is this:

Zerohedge: In "Victory For Eurosceptics" British PM Will Begin Brexit Negotiations Without Parliamentary Vote

This is the same time as the government carrying out some sort of review into the effects of discrimination against minorities and while Tommy Robinson is still getting harassed by police. So the leftist agenda is still present but this is VERY good news. I am happy.

I have a bit of personal trouble that means that I am having to jobsearch once again and generally feel that I have had all the emotional energy sucked out of me (anxieties!). The trouble is as I see it a basic one of cause and effect and will be common for others as well.

Lack of free market causes a lack of cause and effect and flexibility. On top of that, a small part of modern life is that in an unskilled job you are put to task almost every moment you are there outside of your break. You are not meant to be talking for even a few minutes and this is an ongoing everyday thing. So you can spend a few months at a place and never really communicate much with people around you. (Smokers of course get a lot of free paid time to smoke. If management all smoke of course there is considerable leniency here so there is connection and communication here).

Obviously if you get a problem, you are not able to discuss it with anyone who may understand the situation and have an informed perspective. You are not able to solve these problems informally because you don't massively connect with anyone. You are not able to solve these problems formally because people generally shy away from being effective and people have emotional bias to the status quo. The longer it goes on the more likely it is to escalate past the point of no return.

Which is probably part of the reason why there is a large turnover at a lot of these jobs.

 I've seen some interesting headlines I want to read and might mention here, I do have things to get on with though.

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