Saturday, 6 August 2016

Possible break and usual general stuff. (Islam)

Yesterday, I spoke of Islam and perhaps considering it a religion that is OK, that we owe Iran, and that perhaps a moderate interpretation is possible...

However, it strikes me that even if it were, the fundamentals of Islam do not seem to be that desirable for a modern society, for instance, this is some of the history of Muhammed (whose word on Islam arguably takes precedence over the Iranian Ayatollah's):

Now this is pretty sick stuff... Another jokey one is here, because it talks about how a Muslim talked about the first part of a tract on Muhammed as evidence of his tolerance, then the passage ended in a massacre:

Now these tracts are from the 'Hadith' that not all Muslims consider to be legitimate, although many do... More disturbingly are these segments are a basic expression of facts and each of these authors and anyone connected with this area that has a large following, talks of getting threats when they talk about it.

Like I have said before, Muslims express almost no condemnation of Da'esh and related things... But are all up in arms about Fireman Sam stepping on a piece of paper that looks mildly Qu' ran- ish

This is another piece of compelling evidence that states that Islam is not at all good for an advanced society:

ECHR Judgement Relating to Sharia Law (2003)

On that page lists a lot of human rights violations by Iran... The second world war say the UK ally with Stalin... But that does not excuse the disgusting crimes of Stalin.

Break from Facebook and Twitter:

Yes, I was not banned in case anyone is worried... I just despaired of energy... I don't know how long this will last... Perhaps I will switch it on to advertise this blog post or perhaps I will leave it off past the 30 day period where twitter will get deleted.


I returned to a forum I used to go on back in the day recently... The energy I could not express then has found physical expression now with Trump and libertarianism. The Social Justice/ Liberal model of doing things only works if you live in a totalitarian society... If twitter censors people... it only works if they do not start another platform.

Saturn will go direct soon!

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