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Continuation of themes.

There are a few articles I have yet to read but have bookmarked ready. Very interesting... But just a little tired today.

The EU

One interesting thing though is this article. That I have read... Essentially it says that several countries are resisting austerity:

Daily Express: ‘We’ve had ENOUGH Merkel’ Rest of Europe gangs up on Germany over crippling EU austerity

The leaders of France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus and Malta are planning to meet in Athens next month to forge a new anti-austerity alliance with the aim of wrestling back control of the European Central Back (ECB), which sets Eurozone fiscal policy, from Berlin.
(My Emphasis)

Wow, that's pretty big.

Also, this in the declining EU empire:

Daily Express: BRUSSELS CRISIS: Hungary set to REJECT migrant quotas in huge blow to EU project
A number of central European countries including Hungary, Austria, Croatia and Slovakia have expressed open outrage at the plan for migrant quotas, and some member states are even launching a legal challenge to the scheme.  
Brussels has hit back, threatening to fine Hungary £211,000 for every asylum seeker it refuses to take in a move which has further inflamed deep euroscepticism in the country. 
Although the upcoming referendum does not have any legal force, the Hungarian government hopes it will send a strong signal to Brussels over the deep opposition to mass migration in the country. 
Possibly the biggest positive result from the UK voting out of the EU is that the EU does not have British influence making it more totalitarian? The UK were apparently one of the strongest voices in favour of Russian sanctions.

Islamic infiltration:

Moving further into this interest I have been following Brigette Gabrielle... The information is SHOCKING...

This Islamic Empire was larger than the Roman empire and was repelled back from invading Europe at the gates of Vienna on 9th September. Despite the Islamic empire being not a part of distant history but more recent, ending in 1924. Few people in the West know about this history and it is definitely not taught in schools.

Muslims have something in their beliefs that means that they are permitted, under the religion, to lie, if it advances Islams goals. So when Medhi Hassan swore on the Koran instead of the bible, although it was not a court of law... It is still a violation of the principle of truthfulness the court is trying to uphold when it does get down to that level.

... and we should know that... But people do not hold principle of truthfulness as in connection with the bible to be relevant.

As part of his invasion strategy, Muhammed signed a ten year peace treaty with Mecca. During this time he gathered his forces and after two years he did attack. Mecca fell in 24 hours because they were not expecting an attack... Yasser Arafat used, and referenced, this same strategy on Israel when they attacked after eight years in a ten year peace treaty.

I have felt intuitively for a long time that Israel is not as bad as people like David Icke and Benjamin Fulford say. I just think that if you are surrounded by Muslims who do hold anti semitic viewpoints and are all about the Jihad. You are going to have to aggressively defend yourself occasionally. This is not a set viewpoint, I have read the UN report on certain Israeli strikes on Gaza... But it is a perspective I consider as part of this picture.

The Muslim brotherhood, Islamic State and Saudi Arabia all have strongly stated and acted upon ideals of attempting to convert the West to Islam. Sharia courts in the UK and no go zones in France are worth mentioning here. The Muslim brotherhood have referenced NGO's that advise President Obama and have written speeches for him at very culturally important times. The NGO's are an important aspect of all this and I have heard of them before.

How much my viewpoints have changed.

Fitting it all together

For a while now I have, not as a priority but as a thought at the back of my mind, wanted to put some sort of map together to explain this all... Militant Islam does put in a major part of the puzzle... If you consider why a lot of political correctness and refugee things are happening it makes sense.

How it all fits into the major MAJOR plan I do not know... Many of the new age people with the real high information... David Wilcock, Corey Goode and Benjamin Fulford, are too pro Muslim to tell anyone.

So maybe I can put it together!

A great, great book that I have read, is the Painted man series by Peter V Brett. In it there are very accurate, very spiritually relevant fictional representations of pretty much everything. Negative 4D and 5D, Magick, Islamic conquest culture, and the gifts, and drawbacks of Western culture... There is even a character that reads auras! Also, metaphors of the second coming.

The Islamic culture in this book and how they think plunge through to a level of understanding I do not think is possible from reading history... As fiction often does. The Islamic culture in this book is both unbelievably brutal and unbelievably beautiful as well. They do invade because their holy book tells them to... These people though have a bit more justification for their actions since the demons they face in the book are actually worse than human beings. If such a thing is possible.

As part of this book... And I realise as I write this massively simplifies matters... The arrogant aristocratic upper class monarchs, are arrogant, peti and involved with their own ego based affairs but are controlled by the women without their own knowledge of this. However, since they have superior technology, they are unconcerned with the invading hoard of Islamists!

Perhaps this is how the 'cabal' see things. If they can crack down on martial law they do not need to worry about Islamists because they have control... Big Brother. Or perhaps this is not true and radical Islam is planned to be used for a more nefarious purposes by the negative Extra terrestrials.

Hillary Supporters:

Are the pits, the absolute pits.

Recently I went back to an astrology forum I used to go on, as a result of informing them I had written a blog on astrology. I got in an argument there because I objected to certain people "reading" a persons chart and insisting this person is a 'liar'. Don't you need proof to declare a person is a liar? So I said, what lies has this person told?... I was answered and I shot my opponents imaginings down with direct quotes and questions for sources. I really obliterated the guys argument. Like... Really.

Then the guy called me a 'racist' even though there had been no mention of race (liberals losing!) and I shot back a volley of how liberals ignore people that have legitimate problems by using terms such as racist and that the working class would rally against his type of person... He was sure Hillary was going to win but these people will assure that he loses.

The cavalry arrived... I suspect the forum got a lot of complaints. They deleted my responses to this guy, making it look like he had the better argument... So now I'm gone. I will not go back there.

They are like EU supporters on acid... They are awful these people... When Hillary gets her come uppance... It will be karma... We can be sure of that...

And I thought the EU supporters were nasty when they lost... Just wait and see!

Like I have said before, Saturn direct next Saturday will create interesting times... I am wondering whether we will get a wikileak around the 16th but I would not give a Uranus Sun Trine that level of material reality... Only if pushed... For the moment, like I said before, I just think 'something' in that area will poke through.

Unfortunately, it came together when I was writing about finance and astrology but that was deleted... I do not know why but believe that subconsciously, the energy was Saturnian (talking about price discovery/ economic crash) so it must be deleted for losers who cannot take cause and effect on their moral bankruptcy. It will be annoying if that post was accurate which I suspect it was.

What do we have?:

What do we as Westerners have... What are our tools? Against the many types of infiltration... Knowledge of markets and how things fit together I think is important. I don't know how an economic crash will influence Islam and things in that area but it will do. We have intelligent people properly using the tools of politics as in UKIP and the rebellion against the European Union.

And we have positive Extra Terrestrials on our side!

For the moment. That will have to do!


There are probably more infiltrators than this but two of note are Islam and left wing thinking.

Left wing thinking and Islam are almost identical in a lot of ways. The left wing wants to control your every action as does Islam.

I think it interesting that the big guy the left was counting on... The big saint Mr Corbyn has shown corruption in relation to these ideas... He gave Shami Chakrabarti a peerage in order to suppress an anti semitism investigation.

So, for a party so close to Muslims it is all a bit suspicious... Corbyn has been previously criticised for not doing anything about Muslim bigotry in his party towards Muslim women...  Although interestingly Corbyn may need backing in a snap general election from a Jew who considers this area central!... ha ha ha! Sometimes you just gotta laugh!

and... snap general election!

Moderate Western Muslims:

When I actually talk to Muslims in real life I usually have quite a lot in common with them because of a respect for the Creative Forces and my views on politics falling on ears that are slightly less deaf. Exactly like the Western world, the Muslim world is laid out with it's government who follow nefarious agendas and its useful idiot that present a more moderate face. Some of these Muslims know as much about the radicalisation of Islamic governments as the Pro EU people do about the imperialism of the Union they support.

I have also, on twitter, met a Muslim who had quite a biting sarcasm about 'Islamists' as he called them... He was from Syria and his brother was a Sunni Muslim fighting in Syria's army.

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