Wednesday, 3 August 2016

UKIP leadership election... Stating the obvious.

I'm reading 1984... It is an interesting book. In my opinion, it pales in comparison as a dystopian thriller to The Hunger Games... The difference being in The Hunger Games, the government had a vicious nasty intensity whereas in 1984 they seem a little sub human.

The true state of human stupidity is exposed in The Hunger Games as well... I heard that one of the older characters in Eastenders in the 70's was dogged during the show because so many people thought she actually was that Eastenders character.

I do though, see many reflections of 1984 mentality in modern life... All this talk of what is 'appropriate' while your feelings get stuck under the heel of some feminist monster is very reminiscent of the series. Because it is, of course, not appropriate for you to get a feeling a feminist doesn't want you to, even if they encourage it.

Also, in 1984 the government brainwashes the young... It is not on the same level of intensity, but when the remainers lost the election their vitriol against the elderly was not a joke... Many brainwashed statements from the remain campaign abound amongst the young... Utterly devoid of any facts and evangelically held.

UKIP election:

Steven Woolf has been denied a place on the leadership candidate list... Which I did expect... To prove my point about expecting this I will underline my thoughts on the matter before this unfolded:

Free Will:

The law of free will states there must be two opposite choices available for polarity in the situation we are currently in. To me one of these choices was Suzanne Evans... When she was rejected under unfair, spurious rules... It seemed to me that the positive counterpart to her would also not be able to stand.

This is how I know what was going to happen in the American leadership ahead of time. Despite people saying Hillary would be arrested, it did not seem likely to me this would be the case because she represents the negative polarities representative... It seemed likely Bernie would go because as I already summarised (and as rigged voting was showing) Bernie represents the unpolarised attitude that cannot prevail in this vibration.

In English then:

Let's take this down to normally worded statements then. When Suzanne Evans was banned by the NEC on the fly with a random rule about five year leadership that was not previously a rule... Did UKIP members complain about lack of democracy then? No, they didn't... Except the Evans supporters perhaps.

The Evans supporters whom I disagree with quite completely. But have supported the party even though they didn't like the leadership!

So... What happens when Free Will is not respected?

Loss of polarity... Which is what is happening now... UKIP is hemorrhaging members.

I don't know what will happen next... However, this is the first day of the new moon... It is all kicking off and personally... I just can't wait until August 13th! (Saturn goes direct).

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