Saturday, 20 August 2016

My local MP, UKIP leadership.

We are very strongly getting signal from 'reality 1' at the moment. Things have taken on their normal dull domestic energy, there is little hint of any real change.

Just to blow off steam a bit, my local MP (Peter Kyle), the man my constituency voted in, is extremely pro EU, very pro Owen Smith and even just retweeted David Lammy (the man who said the house of Lords should block Brexit):

But of course, no snap election, and even if there was he would probably be voted back in... With a larger mandate perhaps?

It's the kind of thing that makes me think Owen Smith might get in on September 25th...

Also, looking at this chart for the UKIP leadership election, I am wondering if there will perhaps be some surprises here... I'm not sure it's as obvious as some might suspect:

That Mars, Uranus and Sun grand aspected together seems quite significant to me and could be unpredictable.

I did follow up on the candidates via their personal pages... This is what I got from Elizabeth Jones... Seems a little too nutty for my taste after this:
UK has a proud history of stalwart female figures including Britannia the embodiment of our great nation, Boudicca taking London from Rome, Emma of Normandy securing Christianity, Elizabeth I the protestant protector and Thatcher, conqueror of Falklands and NUM, to name but a few. Help UKIP take back London from Brussels and vote oestrogen for No.1 for London!
Vote Oestrogen huh? Definitely an SJW in the waiting here.

Philip Boughton seems extremely whiny, critical, and some of this campaign stuff is contradictory in the way the Lib Dems were in 2010.... Seeking to give everything to everyone... We will expand government in xyz way. I believe in smaller government.

Diane James does not make much sense, or is simply not readable and accessible. Lisa Duffy.... I have no idea what she thinks she's doing. No website, no twitter updates... What's the point?

This is the beginning of what Bill Etheridge has to say:

  • The individual and their rights to live as they wish within certain agreed limits must be protected against the state and big business. 
  • Community and the character of local areas is important and should be preserved. 
  • The state should be smaller but properly run and resourced so it can provide health care, education, law & order and defence as priorities. Welfare should exist as a safety net not a lifestyle.   
So even though I criticised him in previous posts about taking on fights that might not be necessary or strategic right at the moment... He seems to be the one that believes what he is saying and I think this guy, at the current minute, seems the most promising candidate.

I don't know whether I agree with this though... Should the state provide education? I don't know that it should... But it's good the guy believes SOMETHING... I admire his stances on the burqa, the BBC, and much of what he says and he is an MEP and does know what he's talking about in regards to the EU!

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