Thursday, 4 August 2016

Two bad pieces of news.

First is obviously this knife attack in London... It may be a confirmed terrorist attack or it may turn out to be something else... How the trap was laid for Trump with Khan was interesting. So it is possible that after loads of bleating about terrorism it will turn out the guy was no actually a terrorist; and perhaps not Muslim

But that's unlikely.

The police responded to a call at 10:33pm... We only heard about it five hours later!

However, the left have decided it is not Muslim related as usual... I was banned from the russellsquare tab... Twitter is getting mighty censorious... My tweets on the tab were clever but not overly abusive IMO:

I have also noticed that certain tweets I've responded to have disappeared... I have noticed this specifically with Muslims. Any tweet that is honest but puts them in a potentially harmful light is deleted. (Quite a steady theme, just checked another one that did not reflect in bad light but was still deleted).

When I talk to them I know EXACTLY what they mean but they do not intellectually understand where I am coming from.

The other important, but not positive, piece of news is this:

Daily Express: Last straw for Merkel? Now Germany's SECOND largest bank is asking its CUSTOMERS for money

Now if there was news that a 'terrorist' attack was meant to distract from, this would qualify.

Germany's 'second largest' bank is going to basically charge every transaction... They expect other banks to follow.

This sort of ridiculous monetary interference in the free market is the sort of things civilisations do when they are collapsing... Stefan Molyneux did a GREAT presentation on the 'fall of Rome' which I watched yesterday... Explaining how it was basically economic policy that destroyed it!

This is not good. But very little of the economic news lately is good.

Can't say we weren't warned!

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