Saturday, 13 August 2016

Is this Saturn working already? (Owen and Corbyn).

So, as I said, a little abstractly here based on Saturn going direct:
The energy that is set is that significant things can happen with law and such. Not as strong as Brexit but present for this cycle. As this energy grows there will be a strong emotional emphasis on this law and justice side of things and then things will move into a new focus in this area. This cycle of things actually happening in the real world in relation to karma is going to start this day and will last about six months. (B1 and B2, August 13/ 14). This endless problem I keep having with people not seeing consequences to their actions will start to shift at this point and in this cycle.
And again here (was I wrong?):
Saturn goes direct tomorrow... It may mean nothing...
In this current environment of complete political stalemate it doesn't feel like anything is about to politically change massively.
It is easy, while an energy of a planet is doing something in the now, to feel that is going to continue forever, as with this statement when Saturn was still retrograde.

Two headlines that show an immediate consequence cause and effect relation today:

Zerohedge: "Russian" Hacker Guccifer 2.0 Publishes Complete Personal Information Of 200 Congressional Democrats

Cannot think of a better 'cause and effect' than the people involved in this disgusting political party to have to face the public can you?

Also, the following. It strikes me that the personality of these media propagandists must be pretty messed up and things that call their weird personalities out are karma:

Daily Mail: 'Let me do this': Awkward moment BBC presenter Jill Douglas puts Sir Steve Redgrave in his place as he barges past her to hug Sir Bradley Wiggins during live gold medal winning interview just hours after he stormed off air in a row with John Inverdale

The media is implicated in both instances, even though Chiron is not aspected here, which is about real wounds and seems to have a media relation while they were lying to us at certain points. In the Guccifer headline the Democrats are accusing Russia with absolutely no evidence and it provably not being the Russians. The Daily Mail headline obviously reveals a direct media event.

I must admit, I have heard anti Corbyn things on the ground, but we'll have to wait and see... I do consider it likely the negative will win the occasional war and as with Bernie, the place that seems to happen is the unpolarised:

I hear the Blairites have won the legal case for rigging!


In my personal life events have arison spontaneously today that could be understood to be karma in a practical material sense. But is more like drawing boundaries.

My Saturn does aspect my sun.

Perhaps if this is how it works, the transit comes through peoples charts like that, the Uranus, Sun connection in three days will directly relate to Donald Trump. Who has Uranus in close aspect to Sun.

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