Monday, 16 May 2016

The 'in' crowd.

I'm writing a blog on the people that are campaigning for, or seem to support on twitter. The 'in' vote on the European referendum.

How somebody could campaign for the slavery of their own country is absolutely beyond me. It really is, I cannot describe how much it is! I am trying to find other common interests to try and understand it...

Have they all been very anti UKIP in the past? Are they all pro refugees (refugeeswelcome)? Are they all very pro LGBT, or pro global warming...

Something to explain it. Then I can build a model of their inner world... Person grows up and supports LGBT, how does this blockage further manifest? over what time period?

I cannot right at this time I have to go to work. I have a list of those I am running various searches on. So far the LGBT is weighted about 7/10 in favour. I have not had time to do any other searches.

Adios until later!

(One of those I have talked with about this issue has deleted/ deactivated their account so far!)

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