Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Further down the line of cause and effect.

Seem to be blogging a lot lately!

The feminist movement (in its more regressive left capacity) is what happens when women are not given consequences for their actions. Where they can treat men badly, rape accusations etc. And endless nastiness, but recieve no real problems for that behaviour.

They don't massively mind at not having sex. They can get with some oaf if they want a child. And they can go over to the welfare state if they then exhibit their normal behaviour towards men.

In general, if we were to extend this principle out to both genders, and give it a political meaning it would be left wing politics. It is all about 'looking after' people. What the woman's biological function is, and hating on those that have the resources so they can be stolen (I.e. taxing men more).

So what of karma? There are no consequences in the current system right?

While perhaps that is true at the moment, at least in terms of material consequences. If we take this back down to a normal metaphorical perspective. If a woman prioritises her caring and emotional zealotry and does not give warmth to the 'provider' in her life, the man. Things will go bad unless she is removed from consequences.

What are those consequences. Well men understand threats to the home. I.e. not letting in aggressive migrants rather than 'looking after' them. They are also aware of things like finance (I've taken this away from strict gender roles. I'm sure there are some women aware of the crash as well.)

So if you are treating the men badly and not recieving the information to do with finance and threats. You will be unprepared. As per my last example. You will also be shocked at sudden meetings with cold, hard... reality!

So, looking for how karma will show itself and it has been right infront of us the whole time. Politics!

Thinking of this EU referendum, my belief is it controls how pleasant of unpleasant any economic crash will be. We can either be independent and have a fighting chance or shackled to the EU as it drowns in it's own blood.

Obviously this whole premise is because those who are aware of the problems of the EU, are also those that will prep for if bad things happen. It is the 'remainers' that will get screwed!

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