Thursday, 26 May 2016

Decline of society. Government intervention and regulation.

Government regulation.

My first point is on government regulation.

It seems to me that although a free market, near enough, is a good idea. At least using free market principles i.e. common sense. It cannot solve everything.

Take the problem of animal welfare. Studies have shown that people will not prioritise ethically sourced dolphin even if there is only 1p difference and they are placed next to each other on the shelf! There is a whole area that the free market cannot touch or improve.

However, you could possibly privatise the industries regulating it and hand the regulatory efforts over to vegan activists who are unlikely to be corrupted! To prevent too much government power. But the problem itself is resistant to the natural balancing forces of the free market!

Take the idea of halal meats for instance, a description is here:

LBC Katie's great exchange over Halal foods.

The point of Halal meat is to drain the animal of it's blood before it dies, if I understand correctly! This was probably useful in middle eastern times before anti bacterial technology (Since blood contains infection), but today it cannot be called other than animal cruelty. The free market depends on people being somewhat rational and seeking to do the best with their lives. Which cannot be said of these Muslims in my opinion, they are loyal to something that is no longer rational, although perhaps was once.

Decline of Society

Interesting articles:

Pew Global Research: For First Time in Modern Era, Living With Parents Edges Out Other Living Arrangements for 18- to 34-Year-Olds

The Economic Collapse blog: A Spirit Of Violence And Civil Unrest Is Rising In America

Zerohedge: In Today's Layoff News: Microsoft Fires 1,850; Intel Cuts 350; Shell Terminating 2,200

The Pew Global research is as follows. 18 - 34 year olds are living with their parents, that this is the biggest number since 1940 (I.e. depths of another recession/ depression), the main reason for this is that they are not settling down so much.

This to me is a sign that the economy is coming apart at the seams. I still remember before 2008 how much easier and happier things were. How much easier it was to get a job. How many more opportunities their seemed to be. You could do anything!

Now, the cracks are starting to show. Young men are not employed and do not have confidence in themselves. Young women are feminists, having continually been removed from the consequences of their actions through government intervention. So people are not coupling or breeding (also, who would bring a child into this world?). There is less of a church or family institution anymore and no community to speak of... All the things that make life worth living for the collective... (?)

When this all gets sorted out things will organically fix (will everything fix? Probably not!). But for the moment the knife is still wedged in so no healing can happen.

On another quick note, Gregory Mannarino called for the market top tomorrow (since a long time back), so we'll see:

Here are some other articles showing that things are getting a little hectic:

Zerohedge: Former McDonalds CEO Crushes The Minimum Wage Lie: "It's Cheaper To Buy A Robot Than Hire At $15/Hour"

Zerohedge: Imminent Intervention? Greece, Italy, & Malta Close Airspace For Aircraft From Libya
So the first two articles concern robots replacing minimum wage workers. (joke here)

China wants to maintain it's status as a leading producer of goods so is starting to make robots for it's factories. Or is starting to use them to be more accurate. This competitiveness is fierce.

France is having protests... There have been protests all over the world. Here in England with the Junior doctors strike, in Japan and now this. France also has a lot of civil unrest with the mass migrants in Calais intimidating police officers so they had to flee!

... and underhand goings on are still happening. We don't know why. But big things are going down. Not all quiet on the Western front!

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