Sunday, 29 May 2016

Astrological rundown for the referendum.

Wow, lately I am working a lot so often am lying around quite tired for a while before I get on and do something... (Whether that be a blog or whatever!)

But... The astrology of the coming month and referendum

This is today's chart:

So, we are ending a cycle. I don't know if this is a more important cycle than any other particular moon cycle, but if the world starts changing, perhaps it should have been (lol)!

This is what tipped me off to write about this actually. A co- worker is leaving my place of work Saturday, which perfectly times up. This will be the end of a period of having this guy as a manager at the place where I work and the Sunday is the new moon.

However, we are starting to see the tensions rising regardless. On the new moon the sun is about two degree off an opposition to Saturn. At the moment it is gaining at five degrees off. The Sun Saturn opposition is gaining and is the one that will set the energy over the referendum month.

This is the full moon on June 5th. Next Sunday:

Well, it all lines up. what exactly Venus is doing conjuncting the Sun and moon exactly is anyone's guess. But the non exact grand cross here is Sun moon venus in Gemini, North Node- Jupiter in Virgo, Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces. There is also another inexact grand trine bewteen north node- Jupiter in Virgo, Pluto in Capricorn and Mercury in Taurus.

Putting all that together... Well it is a lot of information. The Collective planets in there refer to long term and fixed things. Neptune/ Pisces to a kind of psychic, ET area. The one David Wilcock is probably expressing. This energy is running through these events but in characteristic Neptunian fashion, almost invisibly to most people's perception.

Jupiter North node is giving the impression of expansive visions of the future, either good or apocalyptic. Sun in Gemini is feel of the day, with a lot of communication going on.

There is, as always with astrology, nothing really interesting unusual about this run down. It is what's obviously happening. The study of astrology is the study of what 'is'.

However, it clearly sets the tone. Sun is opposing Saturn that as I have talked about before, it the key planet in relation to everything. Saturn keeps all the organic, mysterious outer planets from being expressed in the mainstream through tyrannical power. The fight against this energy leading to either A) A discipline that takes care of humanities future, or B) A childish mentality that tries to keep inefficiency and tyranny going for it's own selfish agenda. Is what is being expressed here!

The fact that Neptune is in the grand cross but not in the Grand Trine. Suggests to me that the 'Wilcock' like energy, ET's and everything, is being expressed through this rebellion against tyranny and not through other areas. Not directly talking about Satanism etc., which would be an aspect to Pluto.

... and commenting quickly on real events, obviously two days after the Sunday is the final Republican Presidential Primary. This will be when Donald Trump gets his final BOUND delegates. So he's definitely front runner. Starting to carry the Libertarian energy!

The actual referendum date itself looks to me, with that inconjunct from sun and moon, to be a day when there is no emotion left, people are just going through the motions but the outcome is perhaps somehow already assured. Possibly in favour of an out with the moon in Aquarius. Sun in Cancer could also give patriotic feels. Slight feminine neuroticism feeling on the day as well!

Saturn is retrograde through this period... LOL! People learning their 'Saturn' lessons!

When it goes back over my own Saturn as in a Saturn return I'm hoping some sort of justice will meet my life!

Side note:

I'm getting a lot of dreams pushing the prepping angle far more than I would expect. Also, an article about a flesh eating virus that I saw today was precognicised in my dreams yesterday, and another on lightning strikes, suggests to me that the positive will have to hurt people in order to get to the negative. I will probably write this up soon as well. Just as soon as I've read the relevant articles.

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