Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Continuing my conclusion... Sociology of coming change and Goldman calling it.

OK. So Goldman Sachs is calling a market crash to happen soon. Zerohedge.

No you didn't misread that!

The big power has spoken. The vampire squid. Dracula; the big cahuna of the banking world and manipulation politics.

Zerohedge: Someone Really Wants This Market To Crash

I have been, with some success thanks to the likes of Stefan Molyneux. Kind of trying to figure out the future. I know certain things. A) That there are big bads around that have control of a lot of things B) They're going down. C) That this is all putting us on a very good path to higher things. D) That such things include the working out of karma.

Questions that are not answered yet by me, is exactly how that works. Exactly how, or even if, the bad guys will be 'punished'. Or receive 'justice'. Or, if they do, how much will this reflect into more domestic 'abusers' of sorts. People in everyday life who do nasty things to others and don't get caught.

Part of this is discovering basic thought process behind people's views and any brainwashing that has happened.

I have had a bit of an insight, (thanks to this video) on this EU issue and the libertarian issue as a whole. To state the bleeding obvious, the Libertarian side is more masculine and the left wing side is more feminine. To state it simply, (this is basically copied from Stefans video there), women are concerned with looking after their children and protecting themselves, so it helps them to set up a welfare state so if they treat guys like garbage once they've been knocked up, or choose the wrong guys they still survive! However, when they get married and stay with the guy, they don't want taxes to go up because that effects the wages of their husband. So more protection of the children. They also don't want aggressive migrants coming in and harming their children.

Basically, this fits my understanding. A lot of the libertarian females I follow on twitter are married. Have tweets like 'eldest out to school, dog can't recover'. Things like that. I have not met any young girls who even slightly have libertarian ideals and they do all seem to unquestioningly swallow fashionable left wing ideals. 

I do follow one 18 year old female Libertarian on twitter, and there is Lauren Southern. The girl I follow on twitter is Jewish though, so even there there could be a genetic reason. Ashkanasi Jews have an average IQ of 130. The reason they probably have this is that they have had troubles as a people and when you have troubles, your body increases your intelligence to survive in a hostile environment. She also has a good cultural reason to not trust Muslims coming into the country en mass so really, when you add in that cultural bit of information, it is a no brainer!

How does this help us? It is a little dispiriting that people respond to these biological incentives so predictably. I probably am not an outlier here, I get the feeling people know my views before I speak them and often before I even speak! But regardless, it follows that this feminist viewpoint would support the EU's narrative of being the caring ones and advice to shun the non caring people. Those who talk 'nasty' words about immigrants (I really hate the left sometimes). It also sets up a straw man with being abandoned to the 'Tories' or 'UKIP' as the demonstration of this white patriarchy that the feminist so love to demonise. Because obviously, subconsciously what they don't want is the cause and effect that may result from this massive change. The free market, so failing business fails. And any other changes that it seems to me will result from leaving the EU (in theory), but I haven't figured out how yet!

To be fair, when I talk to anyone I can usually punch through and the better I know them the more I can 'convert' people. My little sister has swallowed a lot of information on various things (some of it is partially very accurate, she is definitely intelligent). One of those things is MSfeminism and I have talked to her for a short while and punched through to real clarity in this area. So there must be variations. I realise when talking to her that the lack of male role models in her life, (our father died a few years ago) means that she has little opportunity for a view that ISN'T the lefty ones she takes on from her schooling etc. Which further shows that the breakdown of our society is effecting all parts of it, the dysfunction cannot be stopped until it is ALL stopped!

How does this explain the EU argument in that most of the people I case studied were men! I think the tweet below shows something:

This tweet seems to have been deleted, but I had snipped it. However, in comparison to men such as Nigel Farage, Donald Trump, Winston Churchill, etc. This guy is a little more sensitive.

What I'm saying is that a lot of men, for whatever reason seem to have internalised neo liberal feminist ideals. 

In my personal life, I have/ had a friend that seemed to go a bit SJW on me despite being apparently sane most of his life. Although he used to be the biggest guy guy you could meet. A tough wiry frame and a take no shit attitude, even laughing too quickly at others weakness. All of a sudden he started acting weirdly, from once showing absolutely no interest if I showed aggression to an elderly person (high bloodsugars from my diabetes created incredible tension one time). He started progressively saying whiny little things and accusing me of, I forget the term but it's one women use. It's kind of like arrogance or patriarchy or something that is often flown about. Anyway, he accused me of it and shook it off when I just connected as a friend again and shook him out of it.

The reason he was doing this, in my view, was that his psyche had started to slip the more he was prioritising a certain kind of relationship with a girl. He would slightly indulge left wing ideas when talking to me when he was seeing one of them, and would shake them off while we chatted! But he engaged in a lot of these sorts of connections with girls, highly sexual, and before long was engaging in large emotional lefty generalisations that were not to be denied. That when you simply calmly took them apart or explained your perspective you were... That ultra female protection mechanism... Blocked. It was all about his emotions and emotional blackmail. No other perspective was allowed.

Friends for 22 years until a few months ago! The guy became impossible! A nasty, lefty, whiny tart! Holding grudges against me for moral highgrounding reasons that the people who were supposedly the victim of, had reached agreement and understanding with me!

But this is the reason I think that a lot of men are behind the EU. There is a slippage that your mind goes down when you have had truth on the one hand, that is hard and unyeilding in this unpleasant environment we now live in, and you have sexual comfort and nurturing, (perhaps love, but I wouldn't go that far), on the other but that it includes emotional compromise of a type that isn't really natural to you. Well, many have chosen the latter.

I know men who, when I talk to them, I can almost hear, or feel, the women whose perspective they don't want to offend by changing their mindset.

This doesn't mean guy guys are not ever pro EU. There are some at work who are foreign and they are pro EU for their own personal interest. But this gives me an understanding for the population and many of the guys I did look at in the case study had one of two things. A notable femininity like our Labour councillor up there or a kind or over animalistic feel to them, where it seemed they had to consider a 'female' in their close vicinity and make emotional compromises for.

I am deconstructing our entire civilisation... The male/ female bond is primary!


This is disappointing that people respond so much in line with their biology which is a fundamentally more simple and slightly more robotic code, like a formula! I do hold out hope there are some that don't follow these simple codes. Perhaps when things work themselves out, what 'is' will be a good thing, rather than a 'problem'! 

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