Thursday, 19 May 2016

Effect of the referendum... And stuff!

Firstly, this thing with a plane and Cairo.

I have thought for a week that there would be another terrorist attack. I will explain why. I had wanted to put it up here but chose not to because it is just negative really. The whole area is so nasty... Who would even want to be right about something like that?

But the pattern is pretty simple. It is like playing monopoly with a little child who cannot take losing. After a while if the game continues even HINTS the child is going to lose a LITTLE BIT, and there is a tantrum.

So. August 21 and the Tiajin incident were both happening on a stock market plunge. (All of this is Summarised here.) We then had the Paris attack in November when the stocks were plunging again. (A) On an overlay of stocks, we then had a predictable dip and bounce, then when the stocks got back to their November high in March, (B) there were the Brussels attacks.

This is what the stock market is doing at the moment:

And a memory refresher:


Personal stuff

Secondly, I have recently had a minor problem I might be blowing out of proportion, but where women are concerned, subtle passive aggression is usually not incorrect, they usually are doing that!

It concerns me trying to return to a place where they had invited me out to a Christmas party, then changed their minds and lied to me, told me it wasn't on when it was.

This was all a female pattern (The guys who drove the vans would have wanted me to go), as it also has been when I have been excluded from previous groups for the selfishness of female behaviours only. Women in power does not seem to be suiting me. Although women in my family are good. Also, when I was younger I had problems in Tesco with the women. Not so much with the men. Who tried moreso to defend me from the situation.

I wonder how the return to a free market economy, if we do do that will unseat women in general from power. They often use it to reinforce their emotional prejudices and have less tendency towards fairness as a whole in my experience!

Anyway, as regards to the first stuff, the charts etc... Dark world people... Dark world!

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