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Prophecies huh? (Astrological rundown and politics).

(Update 09/05) at bottom.

Failure, I have failed in keeping my lower energies in and not masturbating.  I succeeded at this for several months but have failed. Sleep, insulin, problems. Endeavoring to do so again and the secret is absolutely no porn. No gifs, no nothing! (It will take me about a week to get back to the energetic feeling I was at, it is important for root chakra function and focus on the real world!)

I am met with a bit of a problem with my thoughts in that area about girls. If I meet a girl that is 17 or 18 they remind me too much of a girl that is far younger. There is a similar sweetness there in that a girl that is 17 is closer in age to a girl than a woman of say 25- 30.

Regardless, I am running off course.


Two articles have interested me recently, one is from America and the other one is an article in a hard copy newspaper.

Zerohedge: Americans Unleash Epic Debt-Fuelled Spending Spree As Credit Card Debt Jumps Most On Record

There was an article on the front page of Saturday's Daily Mail about how the situation in the UK is precisely the same.

What this means is that people are pushing their normalcy bias to its limit now and taking on more debt. This seems very stupid but if no one is there to stop it, then stupid is the name of the day!

Let's just re link this article referenced in a previous article of mine:

This is money: Britain is sitting on a new £173bn debt time bomb - and with rates set to rise it's ticking even louder

Stocks are starting to wobble a bit, it never reached back to 18312 like I wrote that it wouldn't. Lightning, which I have written about as symbolicly prophecysing major moves in this quiet war (
China's problems and metaphysical concerns. (Lightning strikes))
seems to me to have returned to its function as a brute unspiritual force: 

Daily Mail: Girl, 11, is killed by a lightning bolt which hit her phone as she went to answer a call from her father while helping her grandparents

This is quite synchronous, surprisingly so... The title of this article is about prophecies I am just about to go into that feature heavily, the astrological symbol of the lion:

This is the picture in that article that I just checked for the first time in writing this article:

So here we are, the following article links to a video about the May 9th conjunction of Mercury and the Sun. He shows how from Jerusalem, the Mercury light is in the constellation of Orion, turning Orions club into a mace, (Orions club is striking the lion!)

Now; to explain, to those in the know of the metaphysical community, Orion is important, I won't say why.

Daily Express: END OF THE WORLD FEARS: Mercury transit linked to Biblical ‘destruction’ prophecy

The person making this presentation shows how the planets are all lined up except Jupiter, that is (station direct that day, coming out of retrograde) positioned near the 'lion of Judah'... Leo!

For some reason that I have not been able to fathom he links this with Micah chapter 5, that ends like this:
8 The remnant of Jacob will be among the nations,
in the midst of many peoples,
like a lion among the beasts of the forest,
like a young lion among flocks of sheep,
which mauls and mangles as it goes,
and no one can rescue.
9 Your hand will be lifted up in triumph over your enemies,
and all your foes will be destroyed.
10 “In that day,” declares the Lord,
“I will destroy your horses from among you
and demolish your chariots.
11 I will destroy the cities of your land
and tear down all your strongholds.
12 I will destroy your witchcraft
and you will no longer cast spells.
13 I will destroy your idols
and your sacred stones from among you;
you will no longer bow down
to the work of your hands.
14 I will uproot from among you your Asherah poles[e]
when I demolish your cities.
15 I will take vengeance in anger and wrath
on the nations that have not obeyed me.”
I'm showing this interpretation here out of courtesy to the presenter but it is not my interpretation:

However, Prophetico's angle is that this will happen in the next 40 days, Which is interesting and is in the ball park of what I am about describing here as a rough timeline for such things:

The astrology:

This is the new moon:

Down in the bottom left hand corner in the glyph for Taurus is the sun- moon conjunction at 16 Tau. The only thing of note in this chart, and it is pretty boring, is that there are five planets that are retrograde (the planets where the degree number is in red, this does not include the north node at 20 Vir, because the North node is almost always retrograde).

What happens with planetary retrogrades is the following:

In my interpretation, when the planet is moving forward but is about to retrograde over the same spot, we experience the pushing forward but there is something in the way. then as it actually goes retrograde we focus just on the bad thing, we go internal and are working on something, it is intense, little action gets done in the real world. As it goes forward again we have ideally fixed the problem.

I guess time does heal all wounds!

So at the moment, in international politics, in the whole world, in our lives, things are stuck and we are in an immobile state of not experiencing that momentum that comes with the problems not being in the way too much. (Which I would argue in this situation is active moves to take down the cabal in the real world.)

There are five planets retrograde, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto. They will go direct on these dates:

Jupiter: 9th May
Mercury: 22nd May
Mars: 29th June
Saturn: 13th August
Pluto: 26th September

So, since I see this as a process, not as a single moment, we can see what it will feel like... Jupiter will go direct, some feeling of 'victory' will start to grow in the forces rebelling against the cabal. Mercury will go direct and there will be some evidence of this in the mainstream media. (I.e. people will start to be confronted with evidence of whatever the retrogrades have been cooking up)

Mercury will go direct the day after there is a full moon (blue moon) over retrograde Mars (of course these are astronomically linked)! So some inner societal aggression could be being highlighted. For a change! (Sarc.)


While all this is happening politics will be too. This is a fundamental mistake I think some people make when looking at astrology (perhaps me in the past!) Astrology describes things happening in the real world and my best experiences of it is just explaining the most mundane thing.

From a mostly British perspective... The EU- US axis is still in trouble. The migrant crisis, despite the sunny weather distracting people from it, is still going on. There will still be violence. American's internal political problems will continue probably without too much self recognition from some of the people and forces involved.

The world is on a precipice where lies is the only thing keeping it all going, peoples refusal to look at facts and the resulting self protection that inevitably breaks the paper thin 'economy'. If our financial system still deserves that title.

Donald Trump will continue his push forward, between him and the FBI some in the West are going to have a rude awakening regarding the establishment and Hillary Clinton. The EU will continue to try and threaten countries to follow it's stupid ideas, while those smaller countries will continue to rebel directly, and larger countries will internally rebel. The finance system showed signs of distress last week and could literally crash at any moment, like a live grenade.

America's goals in Syria are dying a little more each day. So any one of these things could set off!

The symbology:

But two things are important. Donald Trump will OFFICIALLY get the Republican nomination on 7th June, and there is a chance that the UK will Brexit.

Which is what the Orion vs. the lion symbology could mean (more later). I was low at first about this, thinking that when people have the opportunity to vote for their slavery they usually do it, plus there has been vote rigging in the UK in the past (a lot of it, in my opinion!) However, it seems there are some people that are on that, the EU referendum might even be a fair vote:

There is a lot of excitement in the UK that the Tories might have rigged the last election by overspending in contravention to the rules, as part of this there is more attention on election fraud including these words summarised in the following article:

Fury as police force insists stopping EU referendum vote-rigging 'not our responsibility
Other police forces contacted by told us they were assigning extra officers to cover polling stations and had set up dedicated anti-fraud teams to monitor this summer’s election period
 That's not a promising headline but the point is this is being talked about.

To conclude:

We can say, without too much doubt I think that the EU referendum is one of the biggest, and most important political events for the whole world:

Without Britains support, as a country outside the Eurozone (a common currency) not tied to its many limitation, our stable currency, and contribution is one of the things holding it together.

So even though I don't think the symbology of a star getting in the way of Orions club, is exclusively about Brexit, I think that it is a good place to start and lines up very well. The lion being the Union jack lion. This will be the end of the cabal!


So other tidbits are this:

6th May:

9th May:

21st May:

5th June:

From a visual perspective, I'm sure you will agree the 5th of June looks most interesting. 23rd of June looks a bit hectic. This 5th of June chart is a meeting of several different planets on the beginning of a new moon cycle (the energy imprinted here carries on through the whole 28 day cycle... Apparently!)

Opposing Saturn that is very, very important for how the law and government work in society, what is shown and what is hidden! Neptune is in this cross and Jupiter, now direct travelling towards the south node... our perspective of the future!

So I wonder if the not so interesting looking charts for this new moon slowly coming out of the retrogrades is getting ready for June 5th. This is two days before Trump is likely to officially win the Republican nomination!

Another thing to notice is on the May 9th chart, Mercury and the Sun are Trining retrograde Pluto. So good communication there on those matters (communication now action later?) Also, on May 9th the moon is square Chiron. Chiron has a lot to do with our global wound and often seems to show itself in intense realisation by the population of media corruption.

As you move along the spiritual route you become less effected by all these things. So less effected by the transits and more into your own chart. But... We're not there yet. Transitory things are very much interfering in out lives.

46 days until the UK referendum on EU membership! (40 days from May 9th is June 18th!)

Update: Check out the symbology here.
The person who made the tower of Babel was sent to Orion, consider the tower of Babel:

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