Wednesday, 11 May 2016

The future. (Thought on Hillsborough and crowds)

Now, I don't know what that is, but the headlines now are so frequently important news that it is exhausting. People like Zerohedge, Bloomberg, the Daily Express etc. are single outlets, only responsible for a small sphere of intellectual contribution. In one language, covering a few subjects.

Imagine the massive amount of manipulation and technical proficiency it must involve to oversee all the things that are happening inside an area you subtly control. It must be manic right now. If the information around at the moment is a little overwhelming for ME. Imagine what it must be for the controllers in the EU or Goldman Sachs!

Anyway, Italy's banks are failing. Italy is having as many migrants coming through as Greece. Italy wants it's own EU referendum. EU is trying to fine rebellious countries for not accepting migrants. Hillary's aid gets up and walks out of an interview with the FBI. Da'esh member admits Turkey offered EU passports in exchange for work done. Joe Biden makes moves towards becoming the candidate to replace Hillary (As predicted a few months ago by Benjamin Fulford.) Turkey threatens EU with increased "refugee" migrants if...

You get the idea. It goes on and on and on and on... All the important information that shows that the whole system is crumbling.

Stocks were up yesterday. (Dow +240) On Italian bank carnage. Increased supply of oil! Perhaps news of Greeks having accepted austerity measures. (£4.3bn) was enough to do it. Anyway, Dow as of this moment is 144 points down... It will probably rally before the close and end at around -80.

However, charts like this can be interesting (from ZH as always):

Nothing to worry about there I joked on my facebook!

But, wondering how the future will turn out, at some point there will be a shift in power. The negative are too weak, the positive are too strong. It might not be Brexit, it may not even be Trump POTUS (although I hope and believe it will be both of those things). But it will be something. The libertarian movement and strong other than US countries are too strong and committed.

... and I was watching a documentary on an English tragedy at the Hillsborough stadium recently. Through some notorious management by the police and stadium designers 96 people were crushed to death in a football game. 

What it makes me think is 96 people got crushed to death for the pure emotional zeal for watching a football match. It was not the fans fault, they had no reason to believe that the stadium had been designed like some sort of mass torture chamber. But what happened was the fans were all trying to get in the stadium and pushing forward to see the game crushing the people at the fences on the front.

That is some pretty strong stuff. It can't be a small amount of force that crushes people to death! All it took was the physical manifestation of excitement to create this effect from a few thousand people. It's quite amazing... and it shows the emotional franticness that might occur once things start to get out of control. If things really start to get out of control. This combined with something far more emotionally compelling than a football match (I assume). I wonder at the kind of things that might happen from this!

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