Wednesday, 4 May 2016

It looks like we're winning.

We're in a state of things going well at the moment, or at least it looks like the power has shifted slightly into the hands of those whose interest is freedom.

Consider the following:

EU BORDER THREAT: Brussels to fine countries €250,000 for EVERY REFUGEE refused entry

This says that the EU is planning to fine countries for not accepting "refugees". This is a truly ludicrous place for the EU to be in... To think that members have to pay to be part of this ... 'club'. They're pathetically desperate.

It seemed Obama reinforced the view that the dysfunctional establishment is behind the EU:

Pro-Brexit Leader Jokes "Keep Sending Obama Over" After Surge In Polls

To which obviously Cameron returned the favour and called Trump an 'idiot'... Very impolite; especially for a man whose political career is soon going to be destroyed by the British European Union vote, and whose party is being criminally investigated for election fraud currently... #toryelectionfraud

Finance is interesting as ever:

Stocks Slump, Dollar Jumps After China Sends Message To Fed

What this shows is that China has been devaluing in order to threaten the US not to devalue it's currency. While I do not understand the real significance of this, it is interesting and it appears the China has the quite distinct upper hand.

Donald Trump looks very likely to win the Republican nomination, his opponents have dropped out. Shame about Bernie being rigged out. I suppose this might be good for polarity though, people are forced to choose between good and bad. Positively polarised or negatively polarised. There is no half way! No unpolarised!

Previously, on Monday, we had the showing in America of 'Climate Hustle'. I'm sure the reviews will be great and there will be more movement against the Climate change nutjobs.

Tomorrow, actually today seeing as it's 00:43; there will be elections for councils in the UK. Hoping that UKIP will get somewhere here. I'll be voting even though I have reluctance about UKIP I am voting to keep Labour, pro EU irritating socialists... Out!

So where we are at is that the positive side has the power, they are winning in a lot of ways. We are just in the process of converting that power into real physical form.

This is reflected in the planets. The retrogrades keep energy from manifesting and turn things inward more. A 'holding back' energy. But reality is still happening. It will be exciting as these retrogrades turn direct... Although it is exciting anyway! (Although it's too rudimentary for me the Daily Mail did a write up of Jonathan Cainers work on this, he has recently died)

Very important post I did recently about not watching DVD's. Would not have been reading all this if I had not!

For me personally the planets are interesting. There are five retrogrades at the moment which is thought to be significant (although what is partly significant is of course how real events interact with the planets.) Anyway, Saturn is going back over my natal Saturn and will obviously approach it again when going direct. Stuff should get interesting!

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