Thursday, 26 May 2016

David Davis yesterday... Eh... Eh!?

So, the way I have observed, (and explained in detail on this blog) that the left wing and the right wing process information is that the libertarians start with a fact, either through experience or something else. They cannot dislodge this and so they discuss it as an issue.

The left start with their emotion, and no matter what comes along to distort that, they prefer their moral highgrounding emotion.

Evidenced yesterday, this is what happened when I was chatting with someone who I have followed for a while. I'll have to annotate it because the person blocked me and my RT's with comments show as tweet not available:


Now that's hardly an insult is it? Although I did in almost forensic detail take apart his argument. To which his followers simply kept repeating 'liar' to me.

What I was saying before was that Libertarians start with facts. So because of the left wing and establishment resistance to certain facts it becomes known that if you mention those facts you are immediately in the Libertarian category.

And certain facts and perspectives have really been pushed by UKIP. That on the real effects of immigration. Yesterday, David Davis mentioned these. This was the response from the left!

... This is the response because... They're losing!

Other signs of this is that the Telegraph felt the need to lie about the polling figures. And Purdah has begun!

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