Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Metaphor and non metaphor.

I have previously defined a long string of synchronicity based lightning strikes and the following ways in which the society has been shaped in relation to those omens.

The lightning omens stopped in my opinion, when a young Russian girl got killed on the spot after lightning struck her phone. Lightning had returned to its basic brute force.

But today, I wonder if there is another piece of symbology here, although I make no claims as to that being the case, it is an interesting tale nonetheless:

Daily Express Courageous Christian to the end – last words of girl burned alive by ISIS: FORGIVE THEM
A young girl whose house was burned down and who died from her burns told her mother to forgive Da'esh.

Maybe, just maybe, this is some sort of omen that they're over.

Here is another just random article I found interesting:

Daily Express: Children have visions of 'man in black trying to kill them' in mass 'demonic possession'

Loads of children in Peru, 80 by this article, are having visions, combined with seizures etc. that a man in black is going to kill them.

But we know the M.O of the negative (assuming it is negative!), nothing is going to happen, all this stuff is just to terrify people!

I'll add a note on the EU referendum:

If we don't vote out, that is it. There has been a lot about 'project fear' which makes me hesitant here but consider this... After the EU vote the president of Spain will be elected on a socialist platform (more money!) Greece will be back on the cards again, put off until after the UK's referendum and the EU is going to pass a budget and all the bad things they didn't want to bring out before the referendum will start to take hold.

The idea of Cameron still being in power and demoting all the Brexit ministers turns my stomach!

It will not be pretty, it will probably make the 'transition' we are currently going through that much harder!

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