Monday, 9 May 2016


I've been thinking, in this new world we're moving into... Will there be justice.

One of my first formed memories, since I was young, was my granny (whom liked me to call her 'Lally' as it was my first descriptor of her that made her feel 'not old') telling me about karma. She said people get what they give, that if they do bad things then bad things come back to them. I have held very closely to this view in my life and have expanded on it with the spiritual beliefs I later discovered to be more specific.

In a lot of ways though, the LoO throws a bit of a wrench in the system as in the case of the free will law etc. It seems there are some ways people can get around it.

Perhaps not though if they want to practice positive polarity (Edgar Cayce: The lord of the law is perfect, ye may submerge it for a while, but ye may not get around it, or thy conscience will smite thee.)

Less at the forefront of my mind (although also important) when I think about justice are the real power players. Yes I don't like them, and yes it will be good when the negative entities are not inspiring thoughts within people. Of course though all the deaths they have caused through the NHS and debt means they are also prominent. When they are gone we will able to relax.

Many people, living from paycheck to paycheck. Cannot!

But, to me part of what justice is is that people that are below the radar, whom mainstream society considers acceptable and encourages, aren't allowed to get off scot free for their behaviour as they have thus far.

For instance, lets say there is a girl, gets married, has kids, cheats, is unreasonable with the guy (since she is now in a position of greater power) then uses the state against him to gain child support and bad divorce terms.

There is some stigma attached to this behaviour but there are many other more subtle behaviours that a girl can get away with. Because this crime is subtle. It is a subtle cruelty and unreasonableness.

The endless gold diggers? (Although we could more correctly say fiat money diggers!)

How would this be 'punished' or brought to justice in any way? The girl in question will undoubtably play victim. It is a good card to play, and almost always works in todays society. But will it always? What will stop it.

Lie detectors? But the prosecution of the law isn't enough. Many of these crimes, like the one listed above, involve cruelty that is not unlawful at this time.

If of course we were all going to ascend in 2017 as David Wilcock floats, well that would be interesting. But that doesn't stop unreasonable people being unreasonable!

So those are my thoughts. I am losing faith a little there will ever be justice.

One of the things that motivates me when things get tough and I have to 'dig deep' is that there will be some justice at some point in the future!

I suppose power could shift in a way the creative forces have put forward and there be no need for such drastic measures in order for people to be in a bad place if they have behaved badly and a good place if they have behaved well but been treated unfairly!

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