Monday, 23 May 2016

How Free Will works.

If I was to write a passage for the Star Treks fictional Ferengi 'Rules of Acquisition' it might sounds something a bit like what I am about to write. (Of course though in a different style!)

I have been thinking of the idea of free will in these situations and applying it to a market scenario in order to explain it.

Say, I work in a market area, I am trundling along in the same way but notice that the fundamentals do not match equities. I then have the choice about whether to look at this or not.

According to the LoO we do not have free will to do anything we want, we have the free will, to, in the moment, choose between two different options. Of course this choice is sometimes rigged.

Anyway, say there is data and people to give me a reason for why the fundamentals do not match equities and allows me to gain information about the future (I.e. a potential financial crash). Or we could extend this even to the EU referendum. If people are loudly shouting about a European Superstate and the information on Ukraine etc. is only a stonesthrow away.

Now, while the free will principle is still active, I have the free choice to make the best of the real situation and to profit in some way from it.

As soon as the free will principle is rescinded, I will not be able to profit from it.

So say I don't position myself well but leave it for later. When the economy does crash, everyone will be trying to position themselves well and shops may even close, I will no longer be able to make the most of it. Since the free will to believe that nothing is going to happen has to some extent been removed. So one can't come without the other!

With the EU it is something similar. After the UK's referendum we could move to a superstate and people can choose to not be aware of this so long as their is not an actual superstate!

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