Sunday, 22 May 2016

Still trying to work out karma (and cool Milo speech).


At the very end at about 19 minutes 00:

"The best way to deal with people that you don't agree with whether Conservative or Progressive is the full glare of the spotlight." ... "... To beat them in a fair open marketplace of ideas"
Miloi was talking about intellectual debate, but the fact that he has said it in that way, the terms he has used, proves that other people internally feel truths that I have deeply felt.

This is why certain behaviours of people in my past, that they have made no attempt to atone for, I want, or have wanted, a court case of some sort to arrive at the truth.

This is unlikely to happen in my view because A) You can't charge people for things retroactively, if something was legal when it was done there is no precedent to then charge people for it, regardless of how disgusting it is, or if it includes collusion with negative entities. B) There will be loads of other court cases for people that have done truly heinous things, like plotted another round of gas camps, so my little problems will probably not be anyone's great concern.

However, that does not mean sociologically something of that sort can't be arranged. With a meritocratic society and leadership that supports the truth for instance! Extra terrestrials etc.

The future politically.

We know from the Law of One that evil cannot win here, the planet is positively polarised.

This is what makes me wonder about the EU referendum. I'm going to work to see if I have that week off today! It will be to a small extent the end of part of a fight!

The polls have remain definitely winning but, the consensus has been wrong many times before, I just watched 'the Big Short' yesterday! I just wonder if it will be that many people will go to the polls to vote out because they believe that, and that many people, who intend to vote 'remain', won't be able to. They just won't have that instinct to destroy the freedom of their country when it comes down to it, the 'Remain' campaign is one of vicious hatred, and many people simply won't be able to hold onto that emotion. Positive entities are still doing something.

It looks like Austria's election is about to be rigged so a Libertarian cannot get in! However, I also believe EUref won't be rigged now the police are on it and that there are so many powerful people of the positive polarity that care about the result.

Also, just another quick thought. People often make the mistake I think of assuming that the way things are is the way things naturally have become due to the behaviour of people. But the banks put loads of energy and effort into maintaining the world as it currently is. The mistake I think the left makes is thinking: Things are exploitative so people are exploitative so we must use tyranny to change this behaviour. However, if they understood the massive effort that goes into keeping things as they are against people's natural inclinations away from negativity, they would understand that all that is needed is the collapse of that negativity and people can be given free reign, not government controlled socialism, to have the ideal society.

A little bit of good news is that according to a tweet by Andrew Neil:

Islamic State appears to contemplate defeat in latest message. Suffering from loss of territory and leaders.

Windows 10 has made Google blogs not do pictures so I need to have it removed. Tweet is interesting though. It would be a major win by the good guys! A major loss by the bad ones... All that time and energy wasted huh? Not one conquered State to show for it!

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