Sunday, 5 February 2017

Dunning Krueger effect.

Wow, flipping between fairly advanced political posts and personal posts is a bit strange!

I'm going to re- evaluate one of my previous posts entitled 'Personal Work Problems'.

Yesterday, we had an extraordinarily busy shift at work, the busiest Saturday on record, and the main managers, the upper management came in only to help us.

Unfortunately, they actually slowed us down quite significantly. The one guy they moved away from doing the job they were doing is a verifiable superman whose intelligence (upper 0.1 percentile of intelligence) and physical athleticism means he does the work of two or three less super humans. Also, when there is that inefficiency it branches out, where other people cannot work so efficiently because the whole store works like a giant chain.

However, sometimes it is the thought that counts, sometimes that is just an excuse but here I do think it is the thought that counts. They came and attempted to help when they did not need to do so.

I wonder if the reason I get angry when I meet problems sometimes with people, and why I attribute a far higher sense of malice than is possibly present, is the Dunning Krueger effect. Which has two meanings, one of these is that people that are intelligent have trouble understanding that other people may not be able to grip things as easily as they can.

So when people do inefficient things because they are not thinkers and took the easy way out I add additional conscious malice to them because I do things fairly consciously, I think about my actions and I think about things. So if I were to do subject others to behaviour that is the result of incompetance I would additionally add other political aims and deliberate things to cover this behaviour, where other people of course do not have this same sense of consistency, the behaviours in one part of their life do not seamlessly go into the other.

This is, I suppose a fairly boring post. There is an interesting article on zerohedge about Italy and it's likelihood of early elections and leaving the euro, and another that is potentially interesting about bank regulations. Things are still happening but we are now in the period after the initial victory, where things are interesting but slightly slower.

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