Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Think I've learned enough about Islam now!

I set out learning about Islam to answer a question. My background in spiritual thinking from new age channeling made me have some question about Islam that formed in the back of my mind. One of them was that although I could see a path to practicing the positive polarity in Buddhism (meditation and wisdom), Hinduism (Chakras) and Christianity (Love and practical wisdom), I could not find a single positive thing in Islam. I did some mental gymnastics to summarise some potential positive things but they seemed like a bit of a long shot so I definitely was going to need some research backing these ideas up if I was going to believe them.

So I looked into it, I know a bit about the politics. Eventually I found that Islams history that we are presented with is fiction, almost nothing is known about how it really started but some is known about many things such as the location of Mecca are wrong and appeared in texts hundreds of years after Muhammed died. I learned about the behaviour of Muhammeds closest confidents after he died and the piles of bodies from the Islamic conquest.

I learned about what's in the Quran, partly by reading it although I couldn't read too much. I learned about the disgusting problems Islam has through the justification of paedophilia, incest and homosexuality; and I already knew about the political problems Islam caused and the fact that so many in the West were aiding it, and how the communist, (another viewpoint I think is basically service to self), have aided Islam throughout history, rather like a female political partner to Islams masculine political tract.

Even the most moderate intended-to-be-perceived-as-positive face of Islam is not positive. The five pillars of Islam includes the pillar 'Charity' but what this is in actual fact is a tax that is used for Islams political goals. There is no love in this act. It is one of submission.

So. I am therefore concluding, in alignment with my spiritual beliefs that include both positive and negative beings, that Islam is a service to self religion, started and maintained by negative entities. One of which I know the name interfered with the Cayce readings and has a similar name to both Allah and Halal.

There is beautiful context to my understanding of a lot of historical events. For instance, world wars 1 and 2 allowed the pillaging of gold to be placed in a central bank to start what we now know as currency.. and US dollar hegemony. The Cold war was an attempt by these same groups to unify half the world under communism and half under capitalism and bring them together for a One World Order. I have a sense of the kind of people that did these things. Including meetings with Extra Terrestrials and governmental agendas.

However, I have no such deep information on Islam. A story about who created it and why. If they knew they were practicing Satanism. If negative extra terrestrials were involved. I wonder if part of me will remain curious until I have this kind of context.

But I'm sure we will find out such things in due course.

I will end this with a video from a group that really are able to allow these insights to settle in, Ex- Muslims:

Note: After going on my bookmarks to find all this information I've realised there is a lot more sources on the subject, there are a lot of sources, some I've already mentioned on here (not in this post in previous ones). It is enough for now but there is simply too much information to carry on or branch this conversation out into politics...

Any further posts I think are relevant to this one I will link here:

(Edit 18th March. Just double checked the link 'fiction' was the correct one because have more than one Jay Smith video on by bookmarks. Added in correct link to be sure).

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