Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Where do SJW's come from?

Stefan Molyneux did one of these.

Paul Joseph Watson did one of these.

Dave Cullen did one of these...

So now I am:

I was talking to a gay co worker yesterday and had this insight into how people on the liberal left (remain voters) think.

He mentioned something about another gay coworker and I asked him why does he think homosexuality exists. There was no answer to this, however he was very sure of his interpretation of events, and that things had no flexibility to be interpreted another way.

I don't know how common this is but it is interesting, in my view. because there are very logical questions that this thinking would be difficult to stand up to.

(Originally pulled from natural news) If people have the freedom to identify themselves as what they prefer to be rather than what biology indicates they are and is their function, on what basis do we decide this legitimacy on a wider scale... Homosexuality, transexuality are accepted... What if someone identifies as an animal? like a cat (there are real people that do this), or an extra terrestrial? A thought pattern has to be able to be applied large scale if it is to maintain legitimacy.

Of course the first answer that avoids the question could most likely not be accepted here.

When I have been thinking of the global game I have wondered at some things. Like how exactly is it that the banks are creating all these patterns. What are the links?

But I have realised that a lot of the things they use to stop people taking them down exist... For that reason... To STOP something good rather than explicitly to create something bad.

And the common theme is that all those patterns of the liberal left that link in the end to voting 'remain', prefer feelings over facts... Homosexuality (and some other sexual preferences) has not done enough soul searching as already mentioned. Mainstream feminism is outside the facts. Many Muslim and other religious beliefs are outside the facts. Black Lives matter. Global warming (very distinctly), Marxism as it is sometimes defined. Also, I am of the belief that women that are unfaithful suffer this kind of thing as well, if they continue the lie (lie may not be just to partner cheated on, there are many other lies as well!)... Because it takes a certain leap in justification to treat people badly. (I do not know if men get the same thing, but I do notice that men that think of sex all the time, and have a lot of sex, start getting 'changed' by the women they are with.)

(Of course many homosexual Trump supporters and UKIP has an LGBT side, so does not always apply. Pride in general are very anti UKIP though.)

And once you have started down this road it becomes difficult to then undo yourself from it. Someone does not want to look at an idea that threatens the sureness of their reality in these cases, because it threatens that the reality they have concocted is perhaps pointless.

What keeps this going is... At the top, via the mainstream, there is a large effort to keep certain facts out of most peoples lives... These are their protectors... The bankers essentially! The military. So there is a good reason to pursue this kind of political activism.

What Benjamin Fulford said about human 'herding' was perhaps quite true. This is all very strategic...

It is surprising the extent to which the system of British politics seems to be falling apart a little at the comparatively small shock of a Brexit vote! Although of course the REAL shock is that it was not rigged!

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