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Pro EU SJW's and correctness of Stefan Molyneux!

Where Social Justice Warriors come from in which he talks about how women work in relation to their biology and politics!

As time goes on the correctness of Stefan Molyneux becomes more apparent!

I have recently found that I have been deleted... 'Unfriended' if you will, by a pro EU person on my facebook. This was after the following events:

A) Before the EU ref we were discussing things but it was not too bad... Everything fine and I even re- added her with a message after accidentally unfriending her after trying to unfollow.

At this point she was 'sure' that we would stay in the EU because... like in the BBC... 'No one who she knows is eurosceptic'. I questioned this but to no answer. (I.e. did she ask people or was she just hoping?)

B) Then after EU ref she started saying lots of things from a pro EU perspective about getting a new government through pushing a new General Election and getting a left wing/ pro SNP position... 

C) To which I answered in some detail that she probably would not need a general election because Theresa May probably wants to stay in while Corbyn, if we're honest, and in relation to proof like calling for Article 50 to be declared... Corbyn wants to leave.

D) I then asked her if she voted... To which she didn't answer and after a week I realised I hadn't had a response (and she had not updated her facebook in this time) so I added an additional message 'I'll take that as a 'no''... Which it likely was... She probably didn't vote otherwise she would have said... 'Of course I did!'

So that was when I got unfriended (Generation Snowflake!)

So what happened here could have been a few things....

At point A: She listened to my views, did not believe them or answer with any justification because... Why would she?... From here I am not a threat to her "ideals" and I am in a position of inferior power (negative polarised perspective)... I.e. Seemingly simply mad and unable to effect her.

At point B: she is in shock partly created from not even having suspected the result would be like that and subconsciously expecting the establishment to rig the result again.

At point C: This makes her uncomfortable because i) whatever I say is probably right, my side of the argument seems more able to sway 'reality' now ii) the view I am putting forward is not that she is some glorious rebel of the establishment but that she is on the establishment side... Not sided with the good people (I.e. Corbyn) but sided with who I identify in that post as bad, in a way that fits that description for her (May!) No updating facebook for a week to me suggests this!

At point D: This sort of taunting is too much because she has effectively been caught out... However she justifies the unfriending even though is it is only insulting if she did not in fact vote!

So it brings me to the missing piece of the puzzle of the SJW's:

I have had these ideas for a long time and they are starting to come together... It seems to me that every day nastiness is aligning with political opinions in order to give people some 'karma'.

I have wondered how SJW's link to the pro EU movement directly and this gives me a bit of a clue:

a) Some women favour the situation as it currently is because tax is going from hard working men, in large amounts, to women who are pregnant. This means that women do not need to be nice to a man to guarantee protection! This is what they emotionally do not want!

b) This means that women can gain the material protection of the government and they can, in theory, be nasty to men... Then leave them and the man HAS to pay for them.

c) The part of the puzzle I was missing before now is that these women must, on the emotional level in their everyday lives... Dislike men and male perspectives... For reasons to do with personal emotional preference and not factual backed up arguments.

d) Because they are subtly nasty towards men they don't feel safe... And have large amounts of men in their pasts they do not want to have to deal with, because it is easier not to, and truths in the present they do not want to have to tell.

There is an emotional dislike of men and male perspectives in a nutshell. That is the missing link!

A friend of mine had an ex who was not at all loyal (she was to him but not to others) and just did not seem to even understand ethics in this regard... Towards men! Green voter... Emotions over any facts. I ended any connection with her when she assaulted UKIP with no respect for my counter arguments. She made non factual statements and didn't respond or admit she was wrong when I pointed that out.

So that is it... That is the additional information I needed to link these arguments. Feminism is also implicated here!

What this also means though is that the wisdom that men and libertarians have to offer, which might happen at a higher level than the emotional one in which this is blocked... This wisdom is blocked... So they may not listen to what these people have to say and their warnings of the future... This will inevitably lead to BIG shocks they did not see coming... Assuming some level of societal change!

This becomes even more delicious when people enter self reinforcing left wing groups!

This girl was probably shocked by an EU vote... Imagine a global financial crash?... Or mass arrests?... Or (many) other potential scenarios... News that she cannot ignore.

...and that my friends is a Long. Overdue. Karma!

One more thing was that I really saw Stefan Molyneux's ideas in practice with this girl... The idea that leftists are like the 'mafia wife'... Who wants her husband (the government) to do all the dirty work of killing but she does not want to see it, she just wants to make the house look pretty!

I saw this SO DIRECTLY with this girl... During a discussion on the EU I outlined Greece and Italy's coups to her, austerity, possibly mentioned Africa and Ukraine... I and others also... And the response was... That she had done her research and visa requirements would be difficult after we left the EU...

If I could quote her directly from the facebook my comment might be YOUR WITNESS!

The world when all the doom mongering of the remain campaign has proved to be absolute crap must be an uncomfortable one for her... Despite Remains insistence to the contrary, countries are lining up!

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