Monday, 4 July 2016

Nigel Farage is gone... This is what's next!:

So... He's left... Why? We might not know for a while...

Was it good? As in his own personal choice perhaps spending more time with family and/ or perhaps with a strategic angle; or was it bad?... Like death threats? Needing to sort out his personal affairs for any financial crash (one of the last things he has written on the Daily Mail is that we are heading for a financial crash soon).

Someone on twitter said they can feel a change coming... I don't agree, but I admit it is a possibility!

So what next?... I tell you what next for me... I'm joining the Tories and voting for Andrea Leadsom if I get the chance. (Later edit: You have to have been a member for three months to vote in leadership elections so I'm not joining)

It has always been said by Guardian writers like Jonathan Freedland (trying in 'vain' to understand the "enemy") that UKIP is made up of two types. It is those that are very worried about the EU and those that are worried about immigration.

I don't agree, there is too much crossover. However, if it were true I would be the former. There are no Muslims raping young girls in my area (to my knowledge) it is not my fight at the moment and even if it is, that fight, and all these fights, are best solved on that international level. On the level in which our democracy has been undermined.

So, I will not join immediately. I will just look at my finances which I've needed to do for a while. But I will join soon!

UKIP is finished as an electoral force, they were always the Turkey's voting for Christmas. While those who have genuine problems with immigration need a party to speak for them so they can express themselves democratically, and UKIP is made of MEP's. Refusing to stand against Tories that voted leave makes them essentially a wing of the Tory party...

But don't worry, it's all coming down anyway!

I do wonder about my place in all this. My Pluto is direct not retrograde... Normally people who have a direct pluto don't have to deal with the darkest of the dark and kind of work within the establishment.

When looking at the tweets on Nigel Farage it is clear these people have no idea... No idea, the significance of the events unfolding. They will unlikely be able to understand it as these events continue to happen more and more quickly!

I've heard that Arron Banks is planning something and Labour leave are making a statement soon in relation to this.

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