Friday, 15 July 2016

Dreams... Brilliant dreams, and planning this blog.

I got a kick up the ass from dreamstate telling me I wasn't working well enough at all this...

So, continuing on with the lightning strike analogy one of the last ones was in Dubai where China is smuggling gold. This lead me to think that the Chinese are in the firing line too and that even though they think they are above reproach, the collapse of the negative forces could include them...

This article is encouraging:

Zerohedge: How Did China's GDP Beat? By "Shoveling A Stunning Amount Of Cash Into The Economy"


And while China's mountain of debt seems ever shakier, for now the take home message is that China has dodged a bullet, and markets have reacted accordingly. What they ignore is that, as Kyle Bass said two weeks ago, the coming Chinese financial crisis will shake the world. But that's a bridge the no-longer forward looking market will cross when it reaches it. And after all, why worry: that's what central bankers are for.

Also, this one shows that the economy is still close to collapsing:

Zerohedge: Global Corporate Defaults Just Hit 100, On Pace To Surpass Financial Crisis Record

... and plans for this blog...

I want to write up a good post including referenced statistics of the issues. Such as Islam and feminism. Possibly having these down by memory will be good for SJW conversations.

I also want to re- write or properly link some and explain some of these things that I keep having to reference. Such as the lightning strike article.,. 

The dream

The dream itself referenced studying science so I wouldn't have to hang around (stupid) SJW's... What I eventually believe that it meant is doing the things that aren't easy so I don't end up with similar ideas to SJW's thus dissolving boundaries between us... I.e. so to maintain separateness and independence and stay out of pettiness I need to be on the ball...

I'm also going to get on with prepping this evening. That I have let slide. I'm going to buy two rucksacks in case I have to relocate quickly!

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