Thursday, 21 July 2016

More censorship.

At the moment, very much since the all time highs on the DOW and the summer heat... It has become a little grueling writing about this...

Three of my tweets today:

I had the updatedproverbs tab open... The first one went through, the second two didn't! Several minutes after posting.

How does this censorship work? Is there someone watching the whole feed and not letting certain ones through? Is there something connected to my twitter account and other libertarians not letting certain key words through? Someone watching just mine? Or are all posts with certain key words banned?

There were no swear words in these tweets or obviously angry words... So it's not like there is a filter that excludes posts including both the words 'liberal' and 'fucking retard'.

A friend of mine at work was telling me that facebook had become ridiculous and if his black friends use the word 'nigger' then they are prevented from posting.

Stefan Molyneux did a video with Mike Cernovich in which Mike explained that at the RNC convention, a leftist attacked Alex Jones which ended with all those involved being escorted away from each other. The media tried to get a comment from Mike as a witness and the second he said that the leftist punched Alex their cameras immediately turned away.

Mike also voiced an interesting thought that when they banned Milo from twitter, he was off to the RNC convention and so it became big news... Because twitter/ neo liberal left are not used to people who have their own media platforms therefore the liberals cannot control the narrative.

That gave me the insight. Following up on my ideas before of the current climate, set by the financial system that stops karma functioning properly... This makes it obvious that it is the CONSCIOUS INTENTION of certain people to shield people from karma... As the consciously held motivations behind this whole thing become clear it becomes more understandable. In the eventual effort of predicting the future.

I also had another insight that when I was unemployed I was a bit more subdued politically and would talk about finance more (I had more free time) than I would about politics... It is since I have been empowered from working that I have come out with views that the person summarised in the last post cannot reconcile. This is interesting... Leftists like you when you are disempowered and it is yet another way they co-operate with the misery they seem to be opposing.

Also, nothing is happening in finance. But Italy is struggling. Surely something will happen in finance in due course?

Benjamin Fulford has put out a post saying their is a one ton of gold bounty on the head of whoever kills certain people including Tony Blair! And there will be a missile attack in Switzerland soon... Would be great if Fulford was on the money this time!

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