Saturday, 30 July 2016

Karma, how it works, and financial jiggery pokery.

First of all, one funny status I just had to share here... I do love twitter:

I have been annoyed recently, not with this specific case but with another where men seem to assume that if a woman says ... 'Oh no, do this work, help me I'm a woman and can't do it...' The guy goes along with it and even gets aggressive in its defence despite it provably being a lie in which the girl just wanted to do less work (and lied about the type of work it was).

This situation is widespread... It is not exactly what I'm about to talk about that includes both genders but is related.


I've been thinking about how karma happens and relating it to larger structures about how the world works.

To understand it you must understand the forces opposing karma! In my opinion... and what karma basically is is cause and effect... If you do something bad towards someone they remember it, they are under no obligation to forget it regardless of any self satisfying liberal new age bollocks to say they are... and must 'just let it go'.

So if you do nasty things and act unfairly towards people, those people hold grudges against you if they can't work the situation out for mutual fairness. So lets say there is someone who is focused on a direction that they know isn't mutually beneficial to others. Because they are deliberately ignoring the lifestyle changes and principles that will make things easier on everyone else.

This person then must gather round them sycophants that block the response of karma from others around them and twist patterns that would normally be going a certain way into patterns that are more to their advantage.

So, how does karma work from here... An intuition I got (and I've been accurately precognitive in the past about my own life) is that if there is a natural, balancing karma going towards such a person, it will get blocked by a sycophant... Then... and this sycophant may be perfectly nice and well meaning... But then what happens is that the sychophant gets exclusive karma to do with this!

I don't know what follows. In order to karma to happen though there has to be a certain amount of upholding a desire for a certain excellence rather than slovenly laziness and relying on habit and the way things have always been done... The fundamental pattern that will be broken the more any sort of revolutionary/ societal collapse not under negative control, things happen.

This principle is very strongly shown on social media... Where libertarian views that are karmic are blocked.

Italian banks and Chinese bailout of Deutsche bank.

I talked to a taxi driver yesterday who was so surprised about my explanation of the Italian bank crisis. It is so much bigger than Greece, the BBC's top story today was a decrease in the use of plastic bags. I.e. this principle, stopping the karma of people seeing what the European Union are up to, attempting to.

When I talked to my mother about this I became very sure that people will not notice this area while it doesn't effect them in a material way. When they do not have to they will not... The strength of this insight is quite amazing.

I was wondering if the Italian banks are not playing ball because they simply expect the Chinese to step in... Which would only make sense. The urgency has gone now with the Chinese support of Deutsche bank and why should they risk their own business when China will not let these banks fail? I can see the wisdom in that.

New moon

This Italian thing and perhaps things talked about in regard to Theresa May at the moment is, from my perspective, the pattern forming for the new moon....

This cycle should be fun!

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