Sunday, 3 July 2016

Finance is so dodgy!

Countdown to the new moon:

So the energy is 'kind of' there for our next installment of 'reality'...

This is some idea of how finance is shaping up:

2): Zerohedge: "We Won't Be Lectured" - Italy's Renzi To Defy Brussels Over Banking Bailout

3): Zerohedge: China Devalues Yuan Most In 10 Months As Premier Li Warns Of Brexit "Butterfly Effect" On Financial Markets, Economy

4): Zerohedge: Hedge Funds No Longer Have Any Idea How To Trade This Market

So, for anyone who knows anything these are all doomsdaying headlines... But I will explain them.

First, I remember watching 'The Big Short' if any of you have seen it... The protagonists in this adventure were buying Credit Default Swaps, which betted against the housing market, so if it went down they profited... The market was saying on the surface that everything was fine. The ratings agencies giving triple A etc. So you might expect that the CDS was at a low price obviously, the mainstream official market data was that there was a close to zero percent chance these would pay out...

But that of course was not true. Certain people knew this. So the CDS was not valued at a level that made sense in relation to the mainstream market figures it was priced at closer to a real value.

This sort of juxtaposition, and strange alternate signals, is all over the market at the moment (4). The already abysmal, artificially improved. yield curve data is giving signals it's all going to come down. The big thing to crash markets is Chinese devaluation (which is happening now (3)):

On the left there:

Buybacks are the big thing that has been keeping the market going for about a year and a half. Now they have stopped (1) (and why?) the stocks should have stopped as well, this is the current DOW on a 1 year chart: 

Gold and Silver have very often been inversely correlated to the stock market. Gold and Silver are basically CDS's for the dollar... But Gold and Silver have been going up disconnected with the market (5).

Who knows... Benjamin Fulford might have offered some reason as to what this might be, as I've already talked about on this blog:
The bankruptcy of the EU was triggered by the bankruptcy of Deutschebank, the largest bank in Europe, according to members of the Rothschild banking dynasty. Deutschebank is now under Chinese control, they say. If the Chinese had not stepped in to save Deutschebank, its collapse would have triggered a domino effect that would have taken down the entire European and then Western banking systems, multiple sources agree.
(My emphasis)...

Which goes on to say this:
Rothschild family sources say there is now serious infighting at the top levels of the Khazarian mafia over what to do next. They say family meetings are going on and they have asked the WDS and its allies to wait until July. They have been given a deadline of July 10th after which the Khazarian mafia will lose any chance of participating in setting up a new, fairer and more earth friendly financial system. They will also be subject to a total and absolute boycott that will inevitably drive them into bankruptcy and obscurity.
So clearly, if the Chinese are ready to bail out any of the Western banks then all really is OK for the establishment, and there are no fundamental free market indications we can take as being in any way correct.

I do not know if they can indeed save all of the Western banks but it is not unlikely... Italy at the moment is undergoing a financial crisis so dire that the Italian government is considering ignoring EU rules and using taxpayers to bail out said bank... This could be another big blow for the EU and could make people panic and bank run all over Europe (2)... Leading to the collapse of the EU!

The Italian leverage in this situation is to simply offer a referendum if Merkel gets tough... This all seems pretty promising!

So, July 10th! How much can we believe this date? We can't really, many dates from Fulford have come and gone but then he has pointed out and explained (even predicted) things in the real world as well.

There is not really a conclusion here I suppose. If the Chinese are going to bail out who ever they think is convenient to bail out today, and we have no sensible explanation of any plans that are going on in these secretive groups of people that hold the power at the moment... We have no conclusion really do we?

Good news though on the Tory leadership election. The Times has been reporting that there is a lot of friction in the Conservative party and they have basically fought off Theresa May et al. who pushed for her to be made leader immediately... At least I can trust the English!

I have said before on David Wilcocks comment site that I don't want it all to crash because a lot of people will get hurt and I would feel myself to be a monster... But... At the moment, I can't see any evidence of another solution...

Perhaps Chilcot will be one that will actually rock the boat... As I have said before, exciting week politically!

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