Monday, 25 April 2016

Wave of protectionism across the world:


Zerohedge: If Draghi's Latest Doesn't Scare You? You Just Aren't Paying Attention

Summary: Since the President of the European Central bank is buying corporate bonds (debt), there are two issues A) Who do they bail out and who do they not? and B) Other countries are then faced with unfair competition.

Perhaps related is this one:

Breitbart: Hypocrite Obama: EU-US Trade Deal Close To Abandonment As Yanks Refuse To Lift Protectionism With Europe

The Obama administration is refusing to lift protectionist principles with Europe in order to pass TTIP. I.e. they are making sure trade laws are favourable for Americans to 'buy American'. The incredibly hypocritical EU does not like that because it is against free trade. (Even though it freely allows it's member states to interfer with the market in the form of bailours, has trade laws that are VERY unfavourable to Africa, and allows anti free trade policies in a number of other ways.)

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