Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Finance, and modification of the body.

Wow, it's 4:37. I should be in bed. I've already slept for enough hours for it to not be that much of a problem, but nevertheless, middle of the night, hit by an idea. No chance I will sleep.

I have a few different things to say on a few areas, here we go:

Zerohedge: It's That Time Again For Stocks

and this; which I had absolutely no plan to talk about, this is a financial event that has only just happened.

If there was a sign that nothing else matters but central bank largess, this was it
changing the futures, from green a couple of hours ago when I last saw it, to this:

I haven't seen Dow futures down below just a small amount for quite a while. This could be it! One can only imagine the resultant carnage on the retail sector this kind of downside could effect.

This is an interesting one too, looks like it's the end of the road for Venezuela:

Zerohedge: This Is The End: Venezuela Runs Out Of Money To Print New Money

Modification of the body:

It is interesting the processes we go through that coincidentally inspire thoughts:

Breast Augmentation Experience & Some Thoughts

I have often wondered about what I think about plastic surgery and the like. On a personal level the pain involved in certain anti aging things such as skin stretching I find a good sign that it is something that we shouldn't be doing (?). But what about the moral and ethical impact of shape and body changing?

Today, I went for a routine check up of my eyes. This process involves, getting eyedrops that keep your eyes dilated and having a machine take photographs of the back of your eyes.

Being lax and uncareful, I had not read the safety instructions, and walked home in the blaring sunlight without sunglasses with my eyes dilated.

Ouch is all I can say. The problem because clear when I got home and I closed the curtains and doors, had all the lights off and wore sunglasses and a cap (indoors).

Basically, the insight I had came down to this. The genetics that a lot of us have, are not from earth but a mix of a lot of different modifications from extra terrestrial races. The only ones that are natural to earth are Africans, for the rest of us, the sun burns our skins, and the gravity hurts our backs. There was a time when I did not like sunglasses because of not wanting to remove the naturalness of looking people in the eyes. But... with the aforementioned genetics, there are a lot of things that we need to modify in order to be comfortable as spirits on this earth.

For instance, clothes are a modification away from what we naturally have here. Silk is from butterfly's/ worms that are not from this earth.

This also links with the length of our life spans, it should be a lot longer if the negative forces of this planet had not monopolised certain resources! (Creating a lot of disharmony and sickness).

So, given all that, we are not natural. Even though there is great benefit from being in the outdoors, we have these modifications because that is how we have had to adapt to this earth experience.

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