Tuesday, 21 July 2015

A correction

(For Bring4th): I come on here sometimes when I am following up something I have said here (and perhaps saying something significant).

Here is a bit of an explanation on the Greek crisis we are watching. It makes sense and even though it does not come from someone as 'in the know' as Benjamin Fulford. It could very well be correct:

Greek Prime Minister Asked Putin For $10 Billion To "Print Drachmas", Greek Media Reports

To summarise basically it says that Tsipras asked Putin for 10 Billion to print Drachmas which was what he was planning to do after the referendum, however, Putin pulled out ON THE DAY of the referendum. Therefore, Tsipras had to go back to the creditors.

So there is a gap here, there is something not right. We have been hearing from the likes of Benjamin Fulford that the bankrupting of these guys is the point and a few hints to certain geostrategic elements. However, a person in this 'game' in this 'alliance'. Is not supporting the same agenda.

Why? Well it is so that us 'citizens' continue to insist and believe that the EU going bankrupt is the point and it gets the EU to give more concessions to save themselves, since the Illuminaties worst fear is 'the people'. People like me running around saying 'THEY'RE GOING TO GO BANKRUPT, THEY'RE ALL GONNA BE ARRESTED', possibly DW's info as well is in there. This helps the 'Alliance', it is misdirection, and scares the cabal into making concessions. Ben also hinted at this when he talked about China in relation to the EU, he withdrew it next week, but I mean really... Who knows?

Does it matter? Not massively probably.

(David Wilcocks post about the 'arrests' happening soon, or rather the bankers stealing money from citizens bank accounts and then there being a reset. During this post, on prompting from 'the alliance' he pushed out information that he had experienced the synchronicity 666 with and had not previously felt to be useful.)
And on this subject of deception it seems likely that UKIP's campaign (that I have previously spoken positively about) UKIP's campaign was very deceptive in places. Including lies/ carefully worded deception on health tourism (2bn = 100m) and immigration (comes from outside the EU).

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