Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Small thing.

[Non publish on twitter and facebook] Another thing I have to mention but have put off for a few hours for obvious reasons.

As recorded on this blog I keep to certain practices I believe relate to metaphysical energies, one of these is not masturbating. I have managed to completely stop that activity and have a healthy root chakra etc.

However, tonight I slipped in that I ejaculated during my sleep! I was dreaming and sort of knew what I was doing and sort of didn't.

So I have the negative energy effect of this but not the intention of having done it! So I did not think I was being a hypocrite but apparently, I have been unable to relax until I post this.

The way I am going to handle this is to sleep with a grounding stone. I believe my self is trying to take flight from the grounded reality and that is why I am having this problem!

The normal stoppage I keep on porn slipped slightly as I remembered the girl in my last post. I imagined meeting a girl and wanted to see if I could get porn on my android... I can't! So I would not be able to explain such fantasies to a girl that I might like.

So stopping that as well!

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