Monday, 5 October 2015

General. (General global energies.)

Benjamin Fulford has put up the beginning of an update that is a little ungrounding, not because of the content but because he seems a bit perturbed by it.

IMO this kind of thing from the cabal cannot work atm. Simply because when they were still a mysterious, utterly terrifying secretive force, when they made 'Fight Club' for instance, they were, or they seemed to be... Exactly that.

But they are not that anymore. We can see in the Armstrong model and through a thousand little impotent expressions of non- power, that even if they are still assholes, they have vastly decreased in their suave sophistication in the past few years. Those whom they had once ostrasized and silenced, are now the new 'thing in town'. Such as this '' campaign in England, it looks fantastic! It's been a while since the good guy has looked this good in a 'rolls with the establishment' kind of feel.

Elsewhere in the purely intuitive based metaphysics that has little to actually back it up, this is what I FEEL is happening in the markets. The other day the manufacturing data from America was released. Several market indices took a vertical dive down and then there was agressive panic- buying and slamming of the VIX and the DOW (still the most important one it seems to me to follow, but they do seem to all act in unison) ended on a tremendous high. It went from something like down 200 to up 200 and up 300 today!

But all is not well in the 'land of the free'. Let me take you back a little to explain why.

Again on an intuitive level, a MASSIVE feel- change during the Greek crisis was when Greece defaulted and the EU tried to just shrug it off. (Pay at the end of the month). Before that point every deadline Greece had imposed felt like knives at peoples backs, every time you thought they would default and it would be oh so chaotic, and you really felt for Greece. But afterward... The rules were suspended. To the system: The rules you taught us to follow were not true.

And feeling wise it changed everything. It moved me and I'm sure a lot of others into a temporary 'Alice and Wonderland' feel detached from reality.

And when you detach from reality, you don't get it back.

That's the same as what it's like now. Zerohedge has humorously been following a market trader that always gets things wrong, every day he's called and the DOW has done the opposite, at least the past four occasions when I have seen it, and ZH has written more articles on him than that.

But today, it didn't work. This guy called the markets correct. That's because, when the manufacturing data was released and the riggers went ALL OUT, I summarise that 'the rules had changed'. They became really honest with themselves that they were rigging (and even some of the 'smart money' is not bothering to rig because they have taken care of their own escape plans possibly). This was a detachment from reality.

Now, if the VIX soars when it's getting pushed down and these riggers lose their money... well that will be a big day! Because it will be traumatic for them and is apparently why certain investment firms have stopped this practice.

Regardless though of stock market games, the Martin Armstrong Economic Model that I summarised before is good data wise (we are at 1989 Soviet Union point), and it makes a whole lot of sense. We are in the phase where the energy has changed and the good guys are on the up and the bad guys crumble no matter WHAT they do! 

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