Thursday, 1 October 2015


I have put this off today but ended up writing this nonetheless. I don't like commenting on what Corey has to say because usually it seems whatever I say correlates with the things he gets wound up about. Not always, in fact, not mostly, but a fair bit of the time.

However, I've just been communicating with a friend and ended up defending myself with LoO quotes and now my intuition is more switched on.

Perhaps you can see the problem with this in that the intuition may end in a very negative place that I have already summarised.

Regardless, this is what I thought on his last post:

That these guys under the earth, those who meet in the 'womb of isis' don't have much going for them.

Spiritually evolved: The girl lied several times when talking to Corey.
Healing: However it is used more in the sense of condescending to other who are in need of their superior 'guidance'. 
Saying 'don't judge us' while specifying how primitive they think we all are. Like for like no?
Supporting regional groups for political and bloodline affiliated goals. (Is he sure that symbol wasn't Nazi).

Also, as I have summarised I had had a lot of trouble with a girl who identified herself with both 'UFO's' for healing and the 'i' word. Whom has been outrightly cruel to me. Therefore, I don't know where they get off choosing such an 'ambassador'. (OK, tbf this is a trumped up charge since it comes with an association that may or may not be correct. But it is enough for me without evidence to the contrary)

Generally people who choose the more feminine side of spirituality from my experience think they have free license to lie.

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