Monday, 21 December 2015

The next big astrological event.

Don't know what it means specifically.

But the date is when the sun hits Pluto, on 6th January! (it will also be square Uranus, so there will be a good vs. evil feeling in the air, that feels like it gets to our 'souls'!)

Then the next day it will square Uranus, so we might feel that 'Uranian' ideas are getting in the way of our 'Sun' (Christmas?) Feeling!

Pluto seems to be 'whatever the Illuminati happen to be up to. (Scorpio abuse of power Thatcher years, Sagittarius adventuresome banking and imperialism. Capricorn breakdown of the system (different polarity))

Also on December 26th Uranus will go direct. This means that the feeling of 'revolution'. the complex, sciency feel that takes in loads of things such as aether sciences, will start to feel more active.

It will be a subtle but unmistakable change!

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