Friday, 12 June 2015


A) I wonder if one of the psychic greetings people fall under is that of a feeling of 'love' that is used by negs sometimes to passify people.

B) What's going on with David Wilcock seriously? He is not lining up psychicly anymore. Not in a cabal conspiracy sort of thing but that there is something seriously off.

C) I was listening to his show. I think telekinetic is fourth density. Psychic and telepathic is one of fifth densities many talents, but they have many, that's one I specialise in, with perhaps seeing the future (astrology link).

D) Like sixth density people. They are the only people that are really 'real'. They always love even when you think they might stop.

E) What happened with Carla in very simple energy terms was as follows i) I told her I thought I was Don: She told me she didn't think that ii) I let it go but when my spiritual energies came through I was overwhelmed and she tried to shut down the energy in different ways. One was condescending to David Wilcock, whom was someone I was following at the time, and the fifth density energies that he was characterising. Perhaps this goes back to the original problem.

F) It feels great to have my own blog that can't be controlled through either Jims energy that I can sense or Bring4th's fourth density energy, that gets me into trouble because I naively end up not seeing where the STS is.

G) Sick of the Illuminati are you? they're just BORING!

I) Have doubts about this fifth sixth density specificities. I wonder if Russell Brand is the real fifth because sometimes I sample such peoples energy and there is a simplicity to it. However, that is the high vibrational wisdom (power) that they come in with to balance. I am secure in the fourth/ fifth/ sixth thing.

K) Whatever Corey says Blue Avians are fifth density. Clue is in the name but it's obvious anyway.

L) I'm ready to move on. The LoO material said the fifth density entity present was at the very end of fifth density. I feel like that, I still have things to learn because there are always things to learn, but I am tired and regardless of what anyone says, the energies of karma are a prison that keeps us in a fleshly existence.

M) David Wilcocks imagined future is just that... Imagined, this is what's wrong. Him, me and others are going to form fifth density links and ascend. All disagreements between any of us in this wisdom business are going to have to go. Owen Jones, David Starkey, Nigel Farage, David Wilcock, Bob Dylan, the Guy from zero hedge, Corey (probably) etc. Are all going to have to get along. Can't describe famous girls. I think they avoid publicity even though they do express wisdom and are very 'caring' look for activist championing the disadvantaged, feminists etc. Actually I can describe a few girls but will not do so.

N) I have some sort of psychic connection with the Illuminati and world leaders. A psychic connection although I am fully in with positive spiritualities. I have these images of David Cameron, Ed Miliband, Tony Blair etc. In my dreams for years. They form the background of knowledge and synchronicity including symbolically predicting Tony Blairs reported £60m fortune. Perhaps 5D are here to help those guys a bit, guys in the cult. Since 5D can relate sometimes with a surgical efficiency that cuts past some of the emotional issues that get in the way.

O) I broke psychic contact with DW after he said the thing about ascension (that he was being guided to work on ascension and the plan was already going to unravel). Because I thought that might not be him but be me because I get that feeling sometimes through when I used to look at astrology and other deep feelings from points in my past.

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